Anyone who lived in the Wilmington, Delaware and New Castle County area will remember the neighborhoods, the corner stores, the movie theaters, the businesses where our parents shopped and worked, the schools and the hustle & bustle of Market Street. Join us for a nostalgic visit to that time. It will certainly bring back a lot of memories. It's going to rattle your brain and, it might even bring a tear to your eye...

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In 2024, we will celebrate our 25th year on the Internet. When we look back to June 25, 1999, the digital world was a lot different compared to today. So, we wanted to bring our website up to todays world with many new and exciting changes. To begin, the "Nostalgia Page", which is what brought this website into being, is still present and will be greatly expanded with more up-to-date data. With the help from site visitors providing photos, images have expanded ten fold. An important item to mention is the era which the website covers. Instead of the middle decades, it now covers 1900 to 2000 +/-.

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You, our website visitor, is why this site was developed. We hope you enjoy your visit to the new We would like to read your comments which you can either "Join" and post on our associated "Facebook Group", post them on our "Forum" or send us an E-Mail:


Wilmington's Theaters

Pictures and history of Wilmington's movie theaters.

Wilmington's Restaurants

Restaurants that are no longer around and others welcoming new customers.

Wilmington's Stores

The stores on Market Street and beyond. Each had its own style, smell and beauty.

Wilmington's Schools

A complete photo history of the schools we all attended.

Wilmington's Radio/TV Stations

From the beginning to now...

Special Presentations

Many nostalgic and historical locations in Wilmington will be given special attention, such as the Wilmington Dry Goods Store.

OldWilmington's Pages

The main portion of the OldWilmington Website that supplies its visitors with historical background is the vast amount of data provided through the Nostalgic Topics. Here, you will find many ansewers to your questions about OldWilmington's past. Along with "Then and Now" photos, you will find just about anything pertaining to Old Wilmington.

The changing skyline of Wilmington will be told in pictures.

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