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(Archive #80: November 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010)

Date: 11/26/2010, 6:45 pm, EDT
Name: Albie
Location: Wilminghton/Lewes
Old Neighborhood(s): West 29th St
Schools Att'd: PS
Message: Bob, I still have a unused ticket to the 1948 PS-High School Thanksgiving game at Wilmington Park. The stadium was only 8 years old then and abandoned 8 years later. Frawley, on the other hand, is approaching it's 17th year with hopefully many more to come. The football rivalry between ths two schools remains the best to date.

Date: 11/25/2010, 10:53 am, EDT
Name: Bob LaFazia
Location: Wilmington, (Heritage Park)
Old Neighborhood(s): 3rd and Clayton sts, Union Park Gardens
Schools Att'd: Lore, Wilmington High, West Nottingham, West Chester State
Employers: Golf Clubmaker over 25 years!
Message: 60 years ago today I was playing in my last Thanksgiving Day Game at the "old Wilmington Ball Park" on 30th and Governor Printz Blvd. Rivals, "High School" Red Devils vs PS duPont Dynamiters...luckily I enjoyed All three of our games on Thanksgiving, (we won, WHS)Turkey tasted Great! Click this on to bring you back a few years...

ENJOY, and
Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob & Kitty LaFazia

Date: 11/24/2010, 11:55 am, EDT
Name: Pat (Stillwell) LeVan
Location: Port St. Lucie, FL
Old Neighborhood(s): 23rd & Tatnall
Schools Att'd: St. Patrick's, Ursuline, Goldey-Beacom
Employers: duPont
Message: Happy Thanksgiving to all you old Wilmingtonians! Can still remember all the fun of the day's football games - PS and Wilmington High in the morning and Sallies and Howard in the afternoon. Are any of these games still going on today? Seems to me that I heard PS is now a middle school. Are there new Thanksgiving rivalries?

Date: 11/18/2010, 11:52 am, EDT
Name: Maureen
Location: Llangollen
Old Neighborhood(s): 9th and Jackson
Schools Att'd: Sacred Heart
Employers: retired
Message: My favorite memory of Thanksgiving living in the city, the kids would get together in early afternoon to play tag football at 10th St. park, you were not allowed to tackle because us girls were also playing and no offensive touching either, lol! Going home after the game and WOW, the house would smell so good, turkey cooking, pumpkin pie, and of course football on tv. I try to keep the tradition up when my family comes over, only tag football in my back yard, and of course football all day on tv! I start cooking on Wednesday and Thanksgiving than will not cook for a few days, leftovers are :-) always welcomed!!!!!!!Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Date: 11/15/2010, 12:53 am, EDT
Name: Bill
Location: Delaware
Old Neighborhood(s): 4th & Harrison
Schools Att'd: Yes
Message: For Don Wood and Danny S, numbers 57 and 63:
Elizabeth C. Bacon Stafford
The lady who would later serve as a music teacher for many years at Wilmington High School was born in Milton, Delaware in 1878. Her father was Thomas Robinsion Creamer of Pennsylvania and her mother was Virginia Andrews of Maryland. Mr. Creamer was a Methodist Episcopal preacher. The family had nine children of whom eight survived. Her sister, Virginia, also served as a teacher in the Wilmington schools for a time. Her first marriage was in 1918 to Josiah Bacon, a Delaware born shipfitter. She later married William D. Stafford, who owned an auto exchange in the 300 block of N. Scott Street in Wilmington. He passed away in 1958 at 69. She remained at their home in Claymont until her death at age 72. On August 30, 1961, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the St. Francis Hospital after suffering a heart attack. She was buried with Mr. Stafford at Lawncroft Cemetery just over the Delaware line in Pennsylvania.

Apologies if I made any errors.

Date: 11/10/2010, 2:56 pm, EDT
Name: Wayne
Location: New Castle
Old Neighborhood(s): West Side
Schools Att'd: MCIW, Warner, Brown
Message: Not only hard to picture, but also hard to believe. Unless there was a different stadium than now, that's quite a few people (even kids) in that place at one time. It could be what with the War just ending that there was a large participation at any event and quite possible that it was true, but again, that's a lot of people.

Date: 11/10/2010, 11:40 am, EDT
Name: Bill
Location: Delaware
Old Neighborhood(s): 4th & Harrison
Schools Att'd: YES
Message: The Star on 3 Nov 1946 reported on a Halloween celebration held at Baynard Stadium that drew 15-20,000 children. It was sponsored by London Dry Ginger Ale, which was represented by H. D. (Buzz)Ware, advertising manager. Hard to picture.

Date: 11/5/2010, 2:05 pm, EDT
Name: Don Wood
Location: Charlotte, NC
Old Neighborhood(s): 10th & Monroe
Schools Att'd: WHS
Message: Responding to Danny S #57 This maybe of help. Mrs. Stafford was the music teacher at WHS in 1955. My guess as a student then she was 55-60 ish(but at 17 who knows). In any event a long time friend involved in music and a WHS 55 grad told me years ago Mrs. Stafford had been married before and her name was Bacon. Called her today. She knew Mrs. Stafford very well. Said she had married a Bacon(Joshia,spelling ??) Second marriage to a Stafford. However, she said first name was Elizabeth, not Margaret. There have been Elizabeth Margarets over time so ????. The qestion, I think, is how many women in WHS history named Bacon also (second marriage ) are named Stafford. Pesrsonally I think the two women are the same. If your father agrees I would be happy to help continuing the research. Don Wood

Date: 11/3/2010, 1:46 pm, EDT
Name: Connie
Location: Wilmington Suburbs
Old Neighborhood(s): Brandywine Village
Schools Att'd: George Gray
Message: I recall a Halloween parade in Wilmington. Don't know where it began but it came past Vandever Ave. and Market and went down to Price's Run Park where they gave out prizes for costumes. This would have been in the mid 40s.