Christiana Mall

Constructed in 1978, The Christiana Mall was altered and expanded over the years but nothing as significant as the razing of one of its ‘anchors’ – the Strawbridge & Clothier Department Store.

Founded by two Quakers in Philadelphia in 1862, the stores survived until 1996 when they were purchased by May Department Stores Company and changed the name to Strawbridge’s. Following that, in 2006, May changed the name to Macy’s and since Macy’s was already located in Christiana, the store was closed and sold. The new owners demolished the building and constructed a Nordstrom Store and expand to include additional mall space with an opening date in 2011.

Two other Strawbridge & Clothier stores in Wilmington did not survive either. The first store was built in 1951, around the same time as the John Wanamaker store on the Augustine Cut-Off. It was located in the Merchandise Mart north of the city. That store was closed in the 1980s when a store opened in the Concord Mall. The Mart store was demolished in early 2011 and the Concord store is now Macy’s.


The vacant Strawbridge's store in the Merchant Square, November 2005

Merchants Square (formerly The Merchandise Mart) update:

Demolition of the Strawbridge & Clothier Department Store began in early April, 2009.  Beginning at the rear of the store, heavy equipment removes the walls, one section at a time.  GO HERE to view photos of the old Merchandise Mart and the Strawbridge & Clothier Department Store.

S&C Seal  S&C Clock

The corner stone and clock tower of the Christiana Mall store, 2007

S&C 2006

August, 2007

S&C 12-2007

Demolishing began December, 2007

S&C 2008-2   S&C 2008-1

Left: December, 2007

Right: January, 2008

S&C 2008-3  S&C 2008-4

January, 2008

S&C 2008-5 S&C 2008-6

January, 2008

S&C 2008-7 S&C 2008-8

January, 2008

S&C pan-6

August, 2007 (Click on photo to enlarge)

S&C pan-1

January, 2008 (Click on photo to enlarge)



January, 2008 (Click on photo to enlarge)

S&C pan-2

February, 2008 (Click on photo to enlarge)

S&C pan-3

March, 2008 (Click on photo to enlarge)

S&C 2008

March 21, 2008 (Click on photo to enlarge)
Last photo of the current series

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Created December, 2007
Revised January 11, 2012