The Cool Spring Reservoir, named for the natural springs found in the area, was completed in 1877.  The adjacent land was reserved for a future park.  Caesar A. Rodney's nearby home was given the same name.   The surrounding neighborhood was also the home for many of the city's business owners.  The adjacent parkland was the home of the Wilmington Flower Market during the 1920s and 1950s.  During those years it was a tradition to plant a new variety of tree each year.

The park consisted of many pedestrian walkways, drinking fountains and a pond which, at one time, was stocked with gold fish.  During the late 1950s during a local radio station's "Lucky Buck" contest, it was thought that the 'lucky dollar' (based on the daily given clues) was hidden in the pond.  I was present the day that many station listeners waded around the pool in search for the lucky dollar.  Much to their dismay, the lucky dollar was hidden elsewhere in the city and again, I was caught without my camera.

Between the park and the reservoir is the pumping station.  The reservoir is part of the city's water system, being tied to the Brandywine pumping station and the Rockford Tower reservoir.  The city's other reservoir is located at the Rodney Street Park, where a tank is located underground.

Two views of the reservoir taken from 10th & Franklin Streets
Left photo submitted by Donata Lewandowski Guerra, 1/12/2003
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Two satellite views of the reservoir and park


Project Sign

Project Sign

The reservoir consists of two sections.  The purpose of the project is to replace the old and leaking surface pond with a reinforced concrete tank and covering it with earth and sod.

Above photo shows the Ursuline Academy side of the reservoir (June, 2006)

The 10th Street side showing the new reservoir construction (June, 2006)
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Construction as of September, 2006
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Construction as of August 7, 2007
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Construction as of August 7, 2007
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Construction as of November 4, 2007
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Construction as of August 8, 2008
On the street-side of the stone wall is a second construction fence
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Construction as of August 8, 2008
The Ursuline Academy side of the reservoir is now under construction
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Two satellite views of the reservoir and park, 2006 (Left) & 2007

The Park side of Cool Spring Park

Above photos taken April, 2009
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Because of the construction fence, a panorama photo is not available

The Cool Spring Reservoir Plaza Project was completed in late 2009. The Plaza (as it is now called), is surrounded by a fence with several secured gates. The reservoir (tank) side is covered with earth. The side nearest Ursuline Academy is now a large pond with many water plants, including water lilly's. On the day of my visit, two ducks and the sound of many frogs were in the pond. A concrete path lined with newly planted trees and flowers circles the large area. In the center of the Plaza is an overlook with two waterfalls and drinking fountains. Benches are scattered throughout the Plaza.

The following photos provide a close-up view of how the reservoir/park was transformed into a Plaza of which the city can be proud.

The photos below were taken April, 2010
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Posted Plaza Sign

The super-enlarged panorama's provide a view from three vantage points.
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Sensor Array Tower, 10th & Franklin Streets (10/06/2006)

Finally, a selection of Postal Cards from the signage throughout the Plaza



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