Fort Christina State Park
East 7th Street

The park marks the site where Swedish settlers landed in 1638.  It was named after Queen Christina of Sweden.  To celebrate the 300th anniversary on June 27, 1938, a granite monument topped with the settlers' ship, the Kalmar Nyckel, created by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles was dedicated.  The park is bounded by an iron fence and gate on 7th Street, two high brick walls down the length and 'The Rocks' on the shore of the Christiana River.  Today, it does not matter how it is said: Christina or Christiana - it's all the same.

Disrepair and vandals recently gave cause for the state to close the park while a plan is developed to cover repair cost and prevent future vandalism.  Here are some photos, unless otherwise identified, are from my collection taken June, 2006.



The inset on the right shows a missing stone

Above undated photo obtained from the Net

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Created December, 2007
Revised January 10, 2012