Edgar M. Hoopes Reservoir

Hoopes Reservoir, located off of Barley Mill Road, completed its first major rehabilitation since construction in 1932. Tthe dam was reinforced vertically; construction of the spillway basin included removing the underground pipe and building an exposed channel to the Red Clay Creek and raising the spillway two feet.

The Water Resources Manager explained to me that the spillway could be raised by as much as five feet. Two feet will increase the capacity by 150 million gallons. To do this, the bridge over the spillway was removed and a new one will be constructed.

Additionally, the exposed surface of the dam was resurfaced and grading and landscaping of the site performed.

The site will still be closed to the public.

The site was closed to the public in the late 1960s.  This photo was taken in April, 1963

Spillway looking up - April, 1963 Spillway looking down - April, 1963 Visitors walking on top - April, 1963

Visitors parking area, 1960s

Entrance, 2007

Rt. 82, looking towards dam, 2007

Rt. 82, looking away from dam, 2007

Construction - March, 2008

Three satellite views


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Created: 3/1/2008
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