In the late 1940s and early 1950s, driving out the Concord Pike to get ice cream at Lynthwaite's was a treat. The Pusey Passmore family had a small stand on the west side of the then two-lane Concord Pike, roughly across the road from where the Brandywine Country Club is now located. I can also remember though, that they sold ice cream from their farmhouse porch. Their fresh made ice cream was so rich, you could feel the cream buildup on the roof of your mouth.

On May 14, 1954, the Passmore's obtained 9.48 acres of land on the east side of Concord Pike and constructed a much larger ice cream and dairy store and parking area. It was also around this time that the Concord Pike was expanded to four lanes as businesses began their construction, including the Fairfax Shopping Center. The Passmore's business thrived until 1967 when they sold their land to the Concord Mall Partnership.

By 1968, new stores were constructed as the beginning of the Concord Mall and the ice cream store was soon demolished to make way for a new motel, now a Radisson Motel. The balance of the Concord Mall was constructed and soon the taste of Lynthwaite's Ice Cream was all but a memory.

Lynthwaite's - 1954 Lynthwaite's-2007

A 1954 and a 2007 aerial view showing longitude 75°33'0"W (Click on each view to enlarge)

Taken from aerial views of the Concord Pike beginning with 1937, this movie depicts the original location of the Lynthwaite's Ice Cream Stand and later store location at 4725 Concord Pike progressing through time.

1954 Deed 1967 Deed

The Passmore's two deeds (Click on each view to enlarge)

Article submitted by N. Buckalew - (Click on view to enlarge)

Front and obverse of a Lynthwaite Farms Route 2, "5¢ Milk Bottle Deposit" token (Submitted by B. Shoustal)

From early 1960's


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