Maps and Aerial Views of Wilmington, Delaware and
New Castle County Area

This map of Wilmington area, dated 1948, covers an area from Smith's Bridge Road to Harmony Road on the left and Claymont to Hare's Corner on the right, in four high resolution (2036 x 2565) quadrants and includes the near suburbs.  Select each quadrant for a larger view.  Right click to save them on your system to explore.

Top Left Quadrant


Lower Left Quadrant

Top Right Quadrant


Lower Right Quadrant

Delaware State Territorial Map
This super-enlarged map (4682 x 5742) shows the boundries of Delaware
(University of Delaware Library)
1884 Wilmington Map
1824 NCC Map 1895 Wilmington Map
1850 NCC Map 1914 Wilmington Map
New Castle County Map
(not dated)
1920 Wilmington Map

1943 NCC Map

1937 Wilmington Map
1964 NCC Map

1940 Wilmington Map

1993 Newark (Geo Survey) Map 1952 Wilmington Industries Map
(This is an inset from a larger map)
1868 Newport Map
(Pomeroy and Beers Atlas of Delaware)
1971 Wilmington Map
1868 Brandywine Banks Map
(Pomeroy and Beers Atlas of Delaware)
2002 Wilmington Map
1868 Brandywine Village Map
(Pomeroy and Beers Atlas of Delaware)
2003 Wilmington Map
1961 Brandywine Creek Guide Map

2008 Wilmington Map

This is a layered map in PDF. Once loaded, you can zoom in to any level.

1993 North Wilmington (Geological Survey) Map 1993 South Wilmington (Geological Survey) Map

1930 South Madison & Justison Streets Map

Sellers Park & Clifton Park Locations
Shipside Location (1940)
Map of Prices Corner - 1948
Photo of Prices Corner - 1995

Aerial View of Price's Corner - 1954
Showing location of Fennimore's Auction

Aerial View of Price's Corner - 1961
Showing location of Fennimore's Auction

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