The Neighborhoods of Wilmington, Delaware

Neighborhood Web Sites and other information can be found Here

The map outlines on this page indicate a general location of each neighborhood
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11th Street Bridge Map
Brandywine Hills Map
Brandywine Village Map
Browntown Map
Canby Park Map
East Lake Map
Eastlawn Map

East Side Map
Forty Acres Map
Gander Hill Map
Happy Valley Map
Hedgeville Map
Highlands Map
Little Italy Map
Midtown Brandywine Map

Ninth Ward Map
Price Run Map
Quaker Hill Map
Shellpot Map
Shipside Map  Additional info
Southbridge Map
The Hill Map
The Valley Map
Triangle Map
Trinity Vicinity Map
Trolley Square Map 
Union Park Gardens Map
Wawaset Park Map
Westmoreland Map
Woodlawn Flats Map

Revised: June 22, 2009