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  • Bundles of 'The Morning News' & 'The Journal Every Evening' newspapers wrapped in wire on the corners in mornings
  • Crash of PanAm #214 (12/8/63) in the field by Delancy Road & US Rt. 40 (near the DE/MD line) during a lightning storm.  Now Williams Auto Park.
  • Elsmere Fire Company fire
  • Looking for 'Sputnik' in the early morning sky Radio Moscow
  • The 1968-1969 curfew during the Wilmington racial riots
  • The 'Grit' Newspaper
  • The 'Sunday Star' newspaper
  • The Journal-Every Evening newspaper
  • The Wilmington Morning News
  • The Wilmington Sash & Door Co. fire on Palm Sunday, 1950
  • TV Guide was once called TV Digest
  • JFK dedication of I-95 one week before his deathWDEL

Wilmington Sash & Door Fire, Palm Sunday, April 2, 1950
Journal Every Evening 4-3-1950 Wilm Sash & Door Fire
Journal-Every Evening headlines, April 3, 1950 Photo submitted by J. Zebley

On December 8, 1963, a Pan American World Airways Boeing four-engine, 707 turbojet, flight #214, crashed during a lightning storm in a field off of Rt. 40 and Delancy Road just west of the MD/DE boarder. The flight was en route from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Philadelphia with an intermediate stop at Baltimore for refueling. Due to high winds in Philadelphia during a thunder storm, the plane was one of five placed in a holding pattern. The plane was hit by lightning at 8:58 p.m. which then ignited fuel vapors in one of the tanks. There were 73 passengers and 8 crew on board. There were no survivors. Williams Auto Park and an undeveloped field are located there now.
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Site of the crash. Williams Auto Mall in forground facing Rt. 40. The undeveloped field and the two housing developements behind Williams is the location of the crash site. A monument stone is located just off of Delancy Road.
Monument - Click to enlarge

Plane Crash 12-8-1963

Photo from the Cecil County Historical Society

Plane Crash 12-8-1963

Photo from the Cecil County Historical Society

Select here to listen to the Cecil County Control Center as Rosemary Culley dispatches Cecil and New Castle Counties Fire Companies

Robin Goodfellow, freighter/passenger ship that ran aground
2:50AM, Oct. 14, 1931 in Dobbinsville, New Castle, De.
(D. Riley)

1968 Wilmington Racial Riots
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