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A Visit to Wilmington in the New Century
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The B & O Train Station Pedestrian Tunnel, Delaware Avenue & DuPont Street now sealed, 3/30/05

Site of the old B & O Station.  Looking North towards the Delaware Avenue underpass, 3/30/05
When in operation, 4 tracks were present.

Same location, looking South towards Pennsylvania Avenue, 3/30/05

Two views of the foundation once used to support the movie screen for the Brandywine and Ellis Drive-Ins, 3/30/05

The Rodney Street Reservoir Park
Bounded by Rodney, Clayton, 8th and 9th Streets

Left: A view from on top of the Rodney Street Park looking towards Rockford Tower, 9/30/05
Right: A view showing the tower in the background - The only view of the 'Tower' I have found so far...

The foundation for the steel tower once located on top of the reservoir at the Rodney Street Park, 3/30/05 (Left)
A satellite view of the park, 2001 (Right)

S. Market Street Bridge raised during current reconstruction (3-25-2005)

Recently announced being sold, Wilmington's last 'Flat Iron' building
located at Delaware Avenue & Clayton Street (3-25-2005)

The once proud Pennsylvania Railroad Station, the now AMTRAK Station is in need of serious repairs


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