The building located at 500 N. Market Street was the home of the Queen Movie Theater until it closed in April, 1959.  The original building, constructed in 1789, housed the Indian Queen Hotel. Fifth Street at that time was called Queen Street. The Indian Queen Hotel closed in 1871.

The building was demolished and another hotel, The Clayton House, was constructed and opened in 1873 with a fanfare that included a parade,  bands, speeches and a huge banquet for civic and business leaders. The Clayton House had over 100 rooms.

In 1915-1916, the building was converted into a movie house. However, on the stage area, some identifying electrical equipment and other items, which are still in place, and a steel circular stairway that leads up to what may have been dressing rooms, are indications that the building may have been a music hall at one time. Also, for a movie theater, the stage is very deep (screen-to-rear wall).

This month (May, 2008) I had the opportunity to enter the Queen Movie Theater for the purpose of taking photos before any renovation work begins. In all, I took 65 photos of the lobby, stage, ground floor (Orchestra seating), balcony and the projection booth. The main electrical service was already disconnected and a minimal temporary lighting system was installed for the contractors to work. This lighting was not conducive for taking photographs but I planned in advance to take my high-powered flash.  A selection of the photos follows.

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Front Entrance, 5th & Market Streets
Rear of building, 5th & King Streets
Fire door, 5th Street
Lobby entrance
Snack counter
3rd floor
Speaker horn
Movie film and canisters
The 2 Simplex Movie Projectors
Projector electrical equipment
Balcony seating facing towards projection booth
Stage left
Balcony viewed from the stage
Fire door exit
Orchestra seating without seats

5th Street side of theater

Stage from rear of theater

Projector with cover open

Stairs leading up to dressing rooms

4th Floor

Looking up to the projection booth

Additional pictures, Movie Ads and current photos (2010)


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Created: May, 2008
Revised: January 11, 2012