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  • Radio Stations (Alphabetically Listed):
  • TV Stations (Chronologically Listed):
    • WDEL-TV, Channel 7, NBC & DuMont (March, 1949 to 1951) WDEL-TV Test Pattern
    • WDEL-TV, Channel 12, NBC & DuMont (1951 to 1955)
    • WPFH-TV, Channel 12 (1955 to 1957)
    • WVUE-TV, Channel 12 (1957 to September, 1958)
    • WHYY-TV, Channel 12, PBS (September, 1963)

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  • Richard 'Dick' Aydelotte, WDEL
  • Jack Barry, WAMS
  • Mel Berman, WAMS (Mel Berman today)
  • Dan Casey, WILM, WAMS
  • Pat Ciarrocchi, WAMS (Padua Academy, 1970)
  • Charlie Collins, WILM, WDEL-TV
  • Johnny Cornwell, WDEL
  • Bob Cunningham, WILM
  • Art Curley, WILM (Read about Art Curley)
  • Lee Davis, WAMS
  • Scott Dayton (real name Roy C. Pollitt), WILM, WNRK, WAMS
  • Dave Eldridge, WAMS
  • Bill Frank, WILM (Listen to Bill Frank from the 1970s)
  • Willie Gaylord, WAMS
  • Gary Geers, WDEL-TV/KYW-TV
  • Dick Graham, WDEL
  • 'Colonel' Dave Herman, broadcast from Brandywine Raceway
  • Mitch Hill, WAMS, WFIL
  • Dick Holmes, WILM (Click Here) for Dick's Web Site
  • Roger Holmes, WAMS (Last heard on WVUD ) Roger Holmes, WAMS
  • Bill Horleman, WDEL
  • Tom Hopkins, WILM
  • Lowell Howard, WAMS
  • Burke Hull, WDEL
  • Carl Jones, WILM
  • Bill Kelley, WDEL
  • Bob Kop, WAMS
  • Rod Lea, WAMS (Listen to Rod Lea from 1957)
  • Robert Mercer, WDEL
  • Gene Miles, WAMS
  • Joe Mosbrook, WDEL Click to hear Joe Mosbrook)
  • Del Parks, WILM
  • Joe Pyne, WILM, WVCH (First 'Talk Radio' personality) Joe Pyne, WILMJoe Pyne, WILM
  • John Rago, WJBR
  • John Reynolds, WJBR
  • Bill Smith, WAMS
  • Harvey Smith, WDEL
  • Jack Stant, WILM
  • Mitch Thomas, WILM (Click to hear Mitch Thomas) Photo of Mitch Thomas
  • Dean Tyler (Real name is Tyler Finch) WAMS, WILM, WPEN


  • 'Happy the Clown', WFIL-TV
  • Lee Dexter, 'Bertie the Bunyip', WPTZ-TV/WRCV-TV
  • Larry Ferrari, WFIL-TV
  • Bill Webber, 'Wee Willie Webber', WFIL-TV
  • Pixanne, WCAU-TV
  • John Facenda, WCAU-TV
  • Gene London
  • Sally Starr, WFIL-TV
  • Chief Halftown, WFIL-TV (Click here for photo)
  • 'Captain Noah'
  • Jim O'Brien, WFIL-TV
  • "The Geator",  Jerry Blavat
  • Gunnar Back, WFIL-TV
  • Stan Lee Broza, 'The Children's Hour', WCAU-TV
  • Gene and Joan Crane, WCAU-TV
  • Hy Lit, WIBG
  • Alan Scott, WPTZ
  • Larry Kane, WFIL-TV, WRCV-TV, WCAU-TV
  • Jim Gardner
  • Pete Boyle, WPTZ
  • Bill Hart, WCAU-TV
  • Bob Horn, 'Bandstand' (preceded Dick Clark), WFIL-TV
  • Dick Clark, 'American Bandstand', WFIL-TV
  • Ed Hurst
  • Byrum (By) Saam, Phillies baseball
  • Bill Campbell, Phillies baseball
  • John Zacherle ("Roland," Shock Theatre) WCAU-TV
  • 'Miss Claire', WFIL-TV, 'Romper Room'
  • 'Mr. Rivits', WPTZ-TV
  • 'Lorenzo the Clown' (Hobo)
  • Joey Reynolds
  • 'Willie the Worm', WCAU-TV
  • Philly Radio Stations now quiet:
    • WWDB-FM, 96.5
    • WFLN-FM, 95.7
  • Philly Talk Radio Personalities:
    • Bob Grant, WCAU, WWDB
    • Dominic Quinn, WCAU, WWDB
    • Susan Bray, WCAU, WWDB
    • Al Julius, WCAU
    • Bill Corsair, WCAU
    • Wynn Moore, WWDB
    • Jim Corea, WWDB
    • Stan Majors, WWDB
    • Richard Hayes, WWDB
    • Ken James, WWDB
    • Jerry Williams, WWDB
    • Irv Homer, WCAU, WWDB
    • Paul W. Smith, WWDB
    • Bernard Meltzer, WCAU
    • Frank Ford, WWDB
    • Joel A. Spivak, WCAU, WWDB

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Many local residents always considered that ‘Talk Radio’ originated here with Joe Pyne and the “It’s Your Nickle” program.  Such is not the case.

Talk Radio is documented by radio station WOR in New York as early as 1946.  The NBC Radio Network had talk radio earlier then that, but they were news discussion-type programs.  However, Joe Pyne can be given the credit as having created the ‘controversial talk radio’ format.

Pyne was born in Chester, PA in 1924 and graduated from the Chester High School in 1942.  He enlisted in the US Marines and served almost three years.  It was during his service that his left leg was injured and subsequently developed into cancer and had to be amputated fours years later.  He taught himself radio announcing and held jobs at radio stations in several states.

In 1949, Joe Pyne arrived in Wilmington after landing a job with radio station WILM and went on the air with a ‘soft-talk’ program titled “Home Town America”.  Eventually, he convinced WILM management to create a ‘conversational-type’ call-in program where he could exchange views with the callers and “It’s Your Nickle” was born.  Tape delay systems were not around then.  Joe repeated (or so we thought) what the caller was saying.

He stayed until 1957 when he left for Hollywood.  But, after six months, he returned to Wilmington because of a relatives illness.  His last ‘It’s Your Nickle’ program was in February, 1960 and he returned to Los Angeles.

Pyne was also involved in TV.  The program was on the local channel, WVUE-TV, channel 12, but only for a short time when the station went off the air.  He also went on to do a national syndicated radio program in the early to mid-1960s from Los Angeles, which, for a short while, was heard on WDEL radio.  Pyne died in 1970 of cancer.

The ‘It’s Your Nickle” program originated from various area restaurants.  The Hotel Rodney, the 1101 Restaurant, Mascagni’s, Leoune’s Towne Talk, the Town Talk and the most popular - the Dover Room of the English Grill.

After Pyne left, the program continued with the following moderators:

  • *** Revision in process ***

Another talk radio program in Wilmington was “Voice Of The People” which began in January, 1962 on radio station WDEL.  Their moderators were not as controversial as Pyne.  The first was Joe Mosbrook.  Others were:

  • Dick Aydelotte
  • Jim Lindley
  • Jim Reeves
  • Robert Mercer
  • Pete Booker
  • Craig Butcher

Voice of the People ended in August, 1982.

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  • 'Cousin Lee & His Band', WDEL
  • 'Frankie DelCoglin & The Trailblazers', WAMS
  • 'Hank Russell, Saturday AM, WAMS
  • 'Mr. Goodwill', Harvey Smith, WDEL
  • 'Mr. Goodwill', Dick Aydelott (Succeeded Harvey Smith), WDEL
  • 'Mr. TUX' Program, WTUX
  • 'Wake Up With Charlie Collins' Program, WDEL-TV channel 7
  • 'It's Your Nickel' - Joe Pyne on WILM from 'The English Grill'.  Joe Pyne was also on WVCH in Chester
  • Radio stations with their 'Lucky Bucks' contests
  • The Sunday 'Polish Program' on WTUX, 1290, with Vincent Kowalewski
  • Taxi Radio Jingle: "Call OLympia 84321..."

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WDEL-TV Studios: Edith Kendall program "Home Nursing Line", 1950
Edith Kendall, "Home Nursing Line", 1950

(Submitted by C. Scarcia)
WILM Studios
From left: Joe Pyne, Willie Gaylord, Lou Monte, Warren Keyser and Carl Jones photographed in the WILM studios.
WAMS AD Sheet  WAMS AD Sheet

On left, Tyler Finch (aka Dean Tyler) with guest, WILM

Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Archives

WAMS Super Car (Submitted by D. Ziegler)

WNRK Studios and Transmitting Towers
on Walther Road

Scott Dayton at the WILM controls, 1960s

Joe Pyne's "It's Your Nickel" program (1950's), broadcast live from The English Grille over radio station WILM.  It is believed to be the nations first "Call-In" talk show.  You never actually 'heard' the caller, however.  Joe 'repeated' (?) what the caller was saying due to the nonexistence of 'Tape Delay'.

Richard 'Dick' Holmes behind the WILM microphone, 1940's.
Check out Dick's Web Site Richard B. Holmes. You will find his Bio, Photos, Music & Air Checks and Current Events.
Dick Holmes passed away May 13, 2009; he was 86 years old.

Mitch Thomas, WILM Radio DJ (from News-Journal article, 1986)
Listen to Mitch Thomas HERE (Real Audio file)


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