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1916 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel

In 1932, Dorney Park (North of Philadelphia) purchased a Philadelphia Toboggan Carousel (pictured) from Shellpot Park in Wilmington, Delaware.  The carvings and paintings of the carousel had a strong military influence, and two Wurlitzer band organs provided the music for the ride.  The original building that housed that carousel was open-sided, then Dorney Park encased the house in glass.  Within the first 30 minutes that the carousel operated at the Park, 28 windows were broken from brass rings.   Dorney Park chose to remove the brass rings and arms from the ride due to the damage to the glass house.  In October of 1983, this carousel was destroyed in a fire at the Park.

Data & photo from Internet sources including dorneypark.com

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Revised: March 5, 2012