Name Address Photo(s)
Bing's Bakery 253 E. Main Street Yes
Black Lab Bread (former DiFonzo's Bakery) 812 N Union Street
Blatman’s Bakery 213 West 2nd Street Yes
Blatnick's Bakery 123 W 2nd Street
Bond Bread (Product of General Baking Company) 212 E Lea Blvd.
Brandywine Pastry Shop 2302 N. Market Street Yes
Brown's Bakery 23rd & Washington Streets
Cakery Bakery 214 Newport Pike
Capital Bakers 3101 Market Street; 1100 E 11th Street
Collins Park Pastry Shop Collins Park Shopping Center, New Castle Avenue Yes
Del Campo Baking Co 621 W. 2nd Street; 221 Parrish Street; 2006 Rodman Road Yes
DiFonzo's, A. Bakery (opened 1945, closed 2004) 812-814 N. Union Street
Donut Haven New Castle Farmers Market
Edge Moor Bakery 4817 Governor Printz Blvd
Federal Bake Shop (opened 1920's, closed 1992) 717 Market Street Yes
Figels Bakery 109 Stroud Street (previously, Schelich Brothers Bakery Yes
Freihofer Baking Co 1825 Pennsylvania Avenue #1 #2
Gallo Gabe C. 2202 Kirkwood Hwy.
General Baking Company 201 Vandever Avenue
Geni Baking Co. Lea Blvd.
Hanna's Retail Bake Shop Pennsylvania & Grant5 Avenues Yes
Hearn Brothers Bakery 23rd & Washington Streets
Henri’s Bakery 403 Philadelphia Pike
Huber's Baking Co. 2001 W 9th Street (9th & Union Streets) #1 #2 #3
Hurley's Bakery 1402 DuPont Highway, Continental Shopping Center Yes
Imperial Foods 1819 Pennsylvania Avenue
Jackie-Carol Pastry Shop (1953-1983) 503 Maryland Avenue Yes
Jackie Horner's Bakery 631 Jefferson Street
Johnny’s Bakery 1701 W. 8th Street
Kann’s Pastry Shop 1220 Washington Street Yes
Keebler Biscuit Co. 1220 D Street
LaVecchia's Bakery Gilpin & Scott Streets
Leonetti's Bakery 14th & DuPont Streets; 10th & Union Street
Liedemann’s Bakery Newark Shopping Center
M & M Bakery 2201 Market Street
Mickelberg’s Bakery 213 W. 2nd Street
Mt. Vesuvius Baking Co. 833 Clayton Street
National Biscuit Co. 1707 Gilpin Avenue
Newport Bakery 115 N James Street
Olkowski Bakery 831 Kirkwood Street
Penny Hill Do-Nut Shop 244 Philadelphia Pike, Hillcrest Yes
Pisasale (Sam & Santa) Bakery 810 Union Streets & 1907 W. 6th Street
Radulski Bakery 715 S. Harrison Street
Ragans's Bakery 226 Maryland Avenue
Reynolds Candy Company 703 Market Street
Rice’s Bakery 110 Todd Lane Yes
Schelich Brothers Bakery 109 Stroud Street (later Figel's)
Serpe & Sons Bakery 618 N. Madison Street
Stan's Pastery Shop 202 S. Maryland Avenue, Ashley Yes
State Bakery, The 415 Madison Street
Steinle, Henry C 624 King Streets Yes
Steinle's Bakery 100 S. Union Street
Stellini's Bakery Shop 2nd & N. Jackson Street
Stillman Brothers 112 King Street
Sunrise Bakery 939 Vandever Avenue @Thatcher Street
Sunrise Bakery (private) 4817 Gov. Printz Blvd., Edge Moor
Sunshine Biscuits 16th & Railroad Avenue
Sweeney’s Bakery Naamans & Faulk Roads
T & C Baking Company 1801 W 7th Streets Yes
Tender-Maid Donut Shop 1116 Lancaster Avenue and 2922 Market Street
Three Little Bakers

3119 Lancaster Avenue (opened 1948)
3735 Kirkwood Highway @ Sanders Road, Elsmere (opened 1950)
Manor Park Shopping Center (opened 1952)
Fairfax Shopping Center (opened 1954)
Wanamaker's Dep't. Store

Tinker Bell Donut Shop Basin Road & duPont Hwy.
Williams Pastry Shop 800 Walnut Street
Wilmington Cake Baking Co. 223 S VanBuren Street Yes
Witt’s Bakery 200 Delaware Avenue
Willard, Edward 221 W 7th Street
Zappaterrini Brothers Bakery 408 N. Lincoln Street

Created: February 20, 2018
Revised: June 3, 2018