Hotel Darling & Hotel Rodney 1105 Market Street
Conversion and additional construction of a new hotel began in 1935 when J. Frank Darling purchased the former Elk's Home at 1105 Market Street. Four additional floors were added to the existing building to provide apartments, elevators and a 400 seat grill room.

Just after the new hotel opened, it was announced that it was sold and the new owners will rename it the Hotel Rodney.

Plunkett Estate 1412 Lancaster Avenue
Constructed in the 1840s by Phillip Plunkett. Over the years, the house was a show place in the area. At one time it was the home of the American Legion Charles E. Durney Post #24. For several summers, the Post held outdoor parties. The Plunkett's granddaughter and her husband, Paul Thatcher, were the last to live in the house. The building was demolished in 1955. In 1958, the site became a Hearn's Brothers Market.
The Naamans Road Skeleton Located near the Cedar Tree Apartments, construction by the Magness Construction Company began after receiving a building permit in 1970. It was planned to be an office building. However, the building was in the path of the future Naamans Road expansion. The permit was issued during the time the county and state were in the midst of halting all construction in the path of the new road. The foundation and framework were already constructed during that time period. Since the planned roadwork was ten years in the future, the county tried to rent the land and framework to any interested business, but none were found. The site was demolished and Naamans Road was eventually widened. YES

Created: February 20, 2018
Revised: February 16, 2023