Name Address Photo(s)
Abbott's Dairy
• Merged with Fraim's Dairy in 1957
• Abbott's announced closing in 1964
1015-1025 Union Streets
Moved to the Fraim's location after
the merge with Fraim's Dairy in 1957
Blue Hen Dairy
Sold to Abbott's Dairy in 1952
1015-1025 Union Streets YES
Breidablick Farm Dairy Lancaster Pike YES
City Dairy Greenhill Avenue & 2nd Street YES
Clover Dairy Co. 1200 Orange Street YES
Delamore Dairy, Inc. 1810 Lancaster Avenue YES
Earl's Dairy 228 N. Scott Street YES
Fraim's Dairies
• Clarence Fraim started his company
in 1900, located at 24th & Jefferson Streets
• Moved to Vandever Avenue in 1914
• Merged with Abbott's Dairy in 1957
Vandever Avenue & Lomotte Street YES
Greenhill Dairy, Inc.
• Purchaes Rosehill Dairy in 1951
119 Greenhill Avenue YES
Hines Dairy 3604 Pine Street
Hy-Point Dairy Farms Beaver Valley Road YES
Kozinski's Dairy VanBuren & Linden Streets
Lindell's Dairy Milltown Road
Lynthwaite Farm Dairy Concord Pike YES
Maple Lawn Dairy
• Sold to Silverside Dairy in 1962
Hare's Corner YES
Rose Hill Dairy
• Sold to Greenhill Dairy in 1951
12th & Heald Streets YES
Silverside Dairy
• Joesph A. Schmidt founded his dairy in 1933
• Silverside Dairy Store opened in the 1950's
• Purchased Maple Lawn Dairy in 1962
• Became a Sealtest Distributer in 1966
• Dairy operations ended in the late 1960's
leaving only the dairy store, a restaurant and
an automobile repair garage
• Filed for bankruptcy in 1983
2222 Silverside Road YES
West End Dairy
• Sold to H. E. Koontz Creamry in 1966
318 8th Avenue YES
Woodward's Dairy
• Opened a Drive-in Dairy Store in 1962
2810 Center Road YES

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Revised: July 7, 2018