Food Markets, Seafood, Produce, Poulterers, Butchers, Confectioners, Neighborhood (Corner/Cellar) Stores

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A & P Markets 1859-2015
207 N Union Street
14 W. Main Street, Newark
2725 Market Street
3605 Philadelphia Pike, Claymone
401 S. Jackson Street
601 E. 10th Street
9th & Monroe Streets
913 Delaware Avenue
Delaware Avenue & Broom Street
Kirkwood Highway & Ferrand Drive
Miller Road Shopping Center
New Castle Avenue & Stamm Boulevard
Ogletown Road, Capitol Trail
Winston & Maryland Avenues, Richardson Park
Ace Chicken Store
ACME Markets

208 French Streets (formerly, a Giant Tiger)
3601 Market Street
210 Delaware Street, New Castle
1009-1015 W. 4th Street
210 Delaware Avenue, New Castle
724-726 King Streets
827 N. Union Street
402 Maryland Avenue, Elmhurst
1200 DuPont Highway
1401 N. DuPont Street (opened 7/12/1961)
Concord Pike, Fairfax
Fox Run Shopping Center, Bear
Maryland Avenue & Germay Drive
Foulk & Naamans Roads (opened 8/28/1963)
Prices Corner (opened 5/16/1956)
Limestone & McKennans Church Roads (opened 2/16/1966)
Merchandise Mart (opened 11/20/1952)
Newark Shopping Center (opened 7/27/1955)
Town & Country Shopping Center, 2703 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont (opened 9/20/1967)

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Ahern's Sweet Shop 201 Concord Avenue
Aiken’s Grocery Store George Reed Village, Newark
Al’s Market 1222 N. Heald Street YES
Al's Sea Food 303 King Street
Albert’s Groceries 705 S. Union Street YES
Alessandrini's 500 N. Lincoln Street, opened in 1928 YES
Amato, John 500 N. Lincoln Street YES
American Beef & Provision Company 402-404 Market Street YES
American Fish Market 229 King Street
American Fruit Company 705 King Street

• American Stores (later, many became ACME Markets)
• Giant Tiger Markets were an American Stores subsidiary

208 French Street (Later, it became a Wilmington Dry Goods warehouse)
216 S Maryland Avenue, Ashley
307 King Street
341 S. Heald Street
501 E. 11th Street
502 Delaware Avenue
531 N Madison Street
600 block Concord Avenue
602 Vandever Avenue
609 King Street
700 W 9th Street
828 Spruce Street
900 Block Union Street
1101 Linden Street
1222 King Street
1238 Chestnut Street
1801 Gilpin Avenue
1924 Lancaster Avenue
2000 Delaware Avenue
3116 N Monroe Street
4437 Governor Printz Blvd
Five Points, Maryland Avenue
Maryland Avenue & Germay Drive
Prices Corner
13th & Claymont Street

Anderesani, Mary Market 1801 W. 6th Street, 701 Concord Avenue YES
Anderson’s Food Market 701 Concord Avenue YES
Andreoli's 221 N. Harrison Street YES
Angelo, Anthony 101 Ogle Avenue YES
Annette's Sweetshop 2426 Market Street
Opened 1946
Annone Water Ice 603 Lincoln Street YES
Arden Sub Shop Marsh & Harvey Roads YES
Aschenbach's 600 W. 26th Street - Closed Jan. 1946 YES
Avenue Food Market 301 Maryland Avenue YES
Babiarz (Edward J.) Grocery 700 E. 22nd Street YES
Babiarz (Stanley) Grocery 242 N. Lombard Street YES
Bachman's Wilmington Market 724-726 King Street YES
Baldwin (Edward N.) Christiana, DE
Baldwin’s Market 1 W. Main Street Newark
Baldwin's (Evelyn) Market 4011 N. Market Street YES
Balick's (Joseph) Grocery 1901 Lincoln Street YES
Balick's (Lou) Market 1722 Scott Street
Louis Balick, owner
Bank's Grocery Store 2nd & Monroe Streets
Baker's (Jack) Lobster Shanty Market 130 South DuPont Highway, New Castle, 1982 YES
Barczewski’s Market 1217 (Upper) Oak Street YES
Barilo Delicatessen 956 E. 17th Street YES
Barshay's Fine Foods 3037 Market Street YES
Barsky's 1100 N. Heald Street YES
Bart’s Grocery Store 719 W. 8th Street YES
Bartkowski (Leonard S.) Grocery 501 S VanBuren Street YES
Basin Road Market Basin Road
Battaglio Market 200 West Street YES
Berlin's (Samuel) Grocery 700 Jackson Street YES
Berlin's Grocery 921 W 7th Street
Now I-95
Best Foods Market 227 W 8th Street YES
Bianco's John D.) Grocery 828 N. duPont Street YES
Biesinger's Grocery 1600 Philadelphia Pike & Holly Oak Road, First owned by Joseph Talley in 1875.
Over the years, other owners operated the store until Frank Biesinger bought it in 1926.
The store closed in 1971.
Bill and Clemie's Market Belmont Avenue & Howard Street, Richardson Park YES
Bill's Market 10th & Pine Streets
Boleslaw (Bill) F.Babiarz, owner
Bill's Market New Castle Avenue
Bill's Market 7000 Governor Printz Blvd
Bilinski Corner Store 200 S. Heald Street YES
Blatt's Grocery 1201 N. Heald Street YES
Bloch, Joseph 101 Cedar Street YES
Blums Market 600 Block Union Street
Bob’s Market 1300 Walnut Street
Bobbie's Grocery 1726 W. 8th Street YES
Boulevard Fruit Market 2712 Northeast Boulevard
Bove Gracery 521 Rodman Street YES
Brandywine Food Market 2600 Tatnall Street YES
Broadway Produce Market 1517 W. 4th Street YES
Broadway Food Market 1519 W. 4th Street YES
Bronfin (Jacob) Grocery 219 W 3rd Street
Brown's Market 103 N Maryland Avenue, Richardson Park YES
Brothers, Polish Sausage 318 8th Avenue
Bubble’s Combination Store 860 Spruce Street
Bucci, Steve 420 W. 5th Street
Buckenheu’s Market 1023 W. 5th Street YES
Buda, Jos M 1224 Beech Street
Budget Market 1305 Orange Street
Formerly Sanitary Food Market, operated by Harry Tappman
Budget Super Food Market, Inc 504 King Street
Buehler Brothers 115 W 8th Street
Burris (Leon) Store Armstrong's Corner, Blackbird
Calavrita Importing Co. 317 King Street
California Fruit Market 401 King Street YES
W. N. Cann, Inc., printers 1612-1614 Delaware Avenue
Celano, James Market 851 N. Madison Street YES
Central Meat Market 204 W. 8th Street YES
Chabie's Market 1700 block Woodlawn Avenue
Charlie's Little Store Becker Avenue, Lyndalia/Woodcrest
Charlie's Market 10th & DuPont Streets
Charlie's Meat Market 7th & Jefferson Streets
Chick’s Market 601 N. Rodney Street
Chocolate Shop, The 9th & Madison Streets
Cicatelli's 7th & Bancroft Pkwy YES
Ciccarelli (P.) 315 Cedar Street
Clay's Seafood, Fruit & Produce 315 King Street
Cohen, Harry Meat Market 2531 Washington Street
225 W. 2nd Street
Cohen, Sam 317 E. 7th Street
1508 W. 3rd Street
Cohen’s Groceries 401 E. 2nd Street
Cohen’s Groceries 318 E. 9th Street
Cohen’s Groceries 816-818 Church Street
Cohen's Groceries 7th & Springer Streets YES
Colonial Food Market Cleveland & Watson Avenues
Colonial Heights
Community Food Market Marsh Lane & Ayers Avenue
Concord Food Market 3701 Concord Pike YES
Convenient Market 1711 Woodlawn Avenue YES
Cook, William 1501½ Main Street, Newark
Cooper’s Grocery 1023 E. 13th Street YES
Corbett's Market Lancaster Avenue & Delamore Place
Craig's Market Newport, DE
Crisconi's Grocery Store 7th & Lincoln Streets
Crowe's Seafood Market
Cutrona's Market 309 King Street
Czarnecki Confectioner 1239 Chestnut Street YES
D & R Market, Inc. 227 Maryland Avenue
D'Amico Butcher 415 Lincoln Street YES
Dauatel’s 403 Madison Street
Daves Quality Market 501 E. 11th Street
Dawson's Seafood 821 N. Madison Street
DeAscanis, Benjamin 406 Lincoln Street
Deerhurst Market 1705 Concord Pike
Delaware Provisions Company 318 8th Avenue
DeLaWarr Food Center 101 N. Gray Avenue
DelleDonne Grocery 817 Lincoln Street
Deluxe Meat Market 507 N. Lincoln Street
DiCamillo Tailor 201 Franklin Street YES
DiCostanza's Claymont
Formerly, it was Dottie's
Dottie's 207 Pennsylvania Avenue (& Claymont Street) YES
Dressed Beef Co. 7th & King Streets
Duffy's Market 1834 Lovering Avenue YES
Dugan, Leo J A & Heald Streets
Ears' Corner Store Scott Street
Eaton Food Market 600 W. 9th St.
Eddie's Market 601 S. Van Buren Street
Eddie's Market, Babiarz, Edward J 700 E. 22nd Street YES
Edge Moor Market Edge Moor, DE
Emmett, Jacob 1330 Walnut Street
Emmetts Self Service Market 901 Spruce Street
Enright's Candies 2131 Market Street YES
Epicure Shop 835 Tatnall Street/100 W. 9th Street
Even's Varity Store 1840 5th Street YES
Ezrailson's Grocery Store Front & Franklin Streets
F&H Roser Company 523 Madison Street
F&W Fish Market
Fanny Farmer Candies 4th & Lincoln Streets
Fantini's 207 Pennsylvania Avenue, Claymont
Fieldstone Confectionery Store 1900 N Scott Street
An expolsion killed three children and destroyed the building in 1928.
Fine Brothers 1301 King Street
Fischer & Forman 813 Poplar Street
Stephen Florence 211 Maryland Avenue
Food Fair Stores

6th & Tatnall Streets
55 Marrows Road - Brookside Shopping Center
1718 Marsh Road - Graylyn Shopping Center
2005 Pennsylvania Avenue
1400 DuPont Parkway - Continental Shopping Center, Wilmington Manor (opened 4/16/1952
3416 Philadelphia Pike - Claymont
Center & Faulkland Roads - Chestnut Run Shopping Center (opened 6/26/1962)
Kirkwood Highway & Limestone Road - Midway Shopping Center
714 S. Maryland Avenue - Richardson Park

Food Mart 611 King Street
Food Masters Super Market 2713 Lancaster Avenue
Forman’s Groceries 417 W. 5th Street
Formus (Joseph) 404 Maryland Avenue
Franklin Meat Market 121 Franklin Street YES
Frederick's Meat Market
Gasser’s Market 3400 N. Washington Street YES
George's Market New Castle Avenue, Buttonwood, 1927-1967
Giant Tiger Markets See American Stores above
Gilmer’s Grocery Store 426 E. 4th Street
Ginns, Morris 1145 E. 13th Street
Glick, Albert 630 E. 6th Street
Gormley (C. J.) Hockessin, DE
Gormet Shop
Gozdicki Grocery 216 Franklin Street YES
Graham's Meat Market 8th & King Streets
Gregg, Grover C Yorklyn
Green's Fruit Market 721 King Street
Greenberg's Monroe Street & Lancaster Avenue
Grodzicki (W. J.) 101 S. Jackson Street
Grodzicki, John 719 Spruce Street
Grossman, Martin 201 Jefferson Street
Gwinhurst Market 2107 Harrison Avenue
H & B Market 530 Jefferson Street
Hadfields Seafood Market
Haggerty's Clayton Street
Haldas Brothers Market 5th & King Streets
Hall (John B) 308 N. Madison Street
Hannah's Cellar Store 1401 Lancaster Avenue YES
Harrison Market 2nd & Harrison Streets
Hartmans Store Mt. Cuba
Hartnett's Meat Market 623 Madison Street
Hearn Brothers

2215 Washington Street
2223 Concord Pike, Fairfax
New Castle Avenue, Collins Park
Meadowood Shopping Center, Kirkwood Highway
New Road, Elsmere
1403 Philadelphia Pike, Holly Oak
1412 Lancaster Avenue

#1 #2 #3
Helen's Market 300 Cedar Street
Henry's Market Elm & Harrison Streets
Herman's Quality Meat Shoppe 64 E Cleveland Avenue, Newark
Hilltop Market Blackbird
Hinber, Charles 600 Spruce Avenue
Hirsh, Isadore 541 E. 12th Street
Horisk Grocery 208 W 8th Street
Horisk's Butcher 1831 Delaware Avenue
Horowitz, Samuel 4th & Harrison Street
Ioannoni, Michael 127 W. 9th Street
Italian Importing 3rd & Lincoln Street
Italian American Store 700 block Union Street
Italian House 403 N. Lincoln Street
Izzy's Grocery Store 9th & Spruce Streets
J & P Market 3001 Madison Street
J & S Market 1900 Scott Street YES
Jack’s Market 602 N. Union Street
Jackson Brothers Lovering Avenue & Jackson Street
Jackson, John H 1000 Newport Gap Pike
Jake's Market 27th & Tatnall Streets
Jake’s Super Market 233 King Street
Janssen’s Super Market Kennett Pike
Jarome's 5th & Market Streets and 7th & King Streets
Jay's 300 block Market Street
Jean’s Market 313 E. 8th Street
Jeremiah's Philadelphia Pike
Jester (B. D.) Inc.
Wholesale Food Distributor
201-203 E. 4th Street
Lea & Howard Jester, owners
Jimmy John's 5th & King Streets
Jimmie's Market 313 E. 8th Street
Jimmy's Self Service Market
An R.G.E. (Real Grocery Economy)Store
718 South Harrison Street
W. James Truskolawski, proprietor
Joe's Market 2401 W. 6th Street YES
Joe's Self Service Market 900 Vandever Avenue
John's West End Soda Shop 27th & West Streets
Johnny’s Super Market 1200 Maryland Avenue YES
Johns Brothers 423 King Street
John's Fruit Market 420 Market Street, Arcade to 417 King Street
Johnson's Market Townsend
Johnson's Meat Market King Street
Kaminski's Grocery Store 300 Cedar Street YES
Kann's Pastry Shop 1220 Washington Street
Karpel’s Market 304 E. 4th Street
Karschner Grocery 1301 Linden Street YES
Kaufman’s 2700 Lancaster Avenue
Kelly's Cellar Store 2107 W. 6th Street YES
Kirkwood Poultry Market 707 Kirkwood Streets
Kosowsky's Full-Service Food Market 600 S. Heald Street
Founded in 1925 by Harry Kosowsky, who was born in Ukraine and emigrated to the US in 1913. In 1962, the business was turned over to his two sons, Harry, Jr. and Mitchell.
The two sons operated the business until 1989.
Koston's Market 601 S Van Buren Street YES
Kowalski's Grocery Store Elm and Van Buren Streets
Kozlowski, Frank 1001 E. 8th Street
Krameidis Produce
Lake, Joseph R Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, DE
Lancaster Court Market 3800 Lancaster Pike
Langford's Grocery Store Unit block Van Buren Street
Lank’s Food Market 3800 Lancaster Pike
Lanks Concord Avenue & Broom Street
Laskin, Sam 5th & Harrison Streets
Lee’s Market 727 Bennett Street
Levenbergs Barber & Beauty Shop 300 N. Franklin Street YES
Lincoln Market 1800 Lincoln Street
Lincoln Quality Cold Cuts Store 1801 W. 4th Street
Liszkiewicz, John & Son 1301 Chestnut Street YES
Lubliner’s Grocery 600 W. 3rd Street
Lurty, Clarence N Warwick
MacLary (J.) Staton, DE
Madison Market 700 W 9th Street
Mae' & Bud's Sub Shop 401 8th Avenue YES
Mahan, Harry 1111 Wilmington Road
Maichle, Madeline 17 W. 27th Street YES
Maiorano, Frank 1110 Newport Gap Pike
Majestic Food Market 2001 Market Street
Marinelli's American Italian Grocery 1218 Vandever Avenue
Markessinis (Spiros D) 604 King Street
Marshallton Food Market Capitol Trail & Highland Avenue
Martone, Angelo 1927 W. 4th Street
Matson Run Candy Store
Maxie's Grocery Store 2nd & King Streets
Maxizine Grocery
Mazzarelli Shoe Repair 625 Lincoln Street YES
McMillan's Market (William) 22 West 23rd Street
William McMillan bought the store from Carl Neugebauer in 1944.
McMillan got his broker’s license in 1960 and converted his old store into his real estate office.
Meltz's Grocery 101 S. Jackson Street (1940-1944)
Messina Butcher's 701 Lincoln Street
Michael’s Fruit Market 222 Main Street
Middletown Food Market 100 E Main Street
Mieczkowski Grocery 100 Stroud Street YES
Mihnos & Olson Grocery 11th & Heald Street
Miller’s Market Old Capitol Trail
Mom & Pops Madison Street
Montgomery's Cellar Store 2105 W. 5th Street
See Kelly's Cellar Store
Morry’s Superette 32nd & Monro Streets
Mor-Ways Seafood N. Market Street
Mt. Pleasant Food Market 722 Philadelphia Pike
N P Store 7th & Pine Streets
Nagowski (W.) 623 Maryland Avenue
National Meat Market 216 Poplar Street
Neugebauer's Market 22nd & Tatnell Streets
Sold to William McMillan in 1944
Neumann’s Delicatessen 1325 Washington Street
New Castle Farmer’s Grocery Outlet Hare’s Corner
New Market 615 King Street
New York Fish Market 835 King Street
Nord, Alfred 809 W. 10th Street
Norton's Fish Market 20th & Market Streets
Noznisky's Grocery 800 N. Lombard Street YES
Nut Hut
Olympia Importing Co. Inc. 627 King Street
Orange Meat Market 3800 Market Street
Package Meat Distributors 4th & Madison Streets
Palmer, John W Market 918 N. Clayton Street
Palmers Market Foulk & Naamans Roads, before the Acme was built
Pandolfi Food Market 201 N. Rodney Street
Papa Joe's (Pulgini's) Market 6th & Rodman Streets (Goat City)
Papas Food Market 1910 W. 6th Street
Pietro Papa, owner

2101 Kirkwood Highway
4801 Concord Pike, Rt. 202
Rt. #273, Ogletown
825 N. Union Street
Rt. #13 & Leipsic Road

Park Market Inc 111 Maryland Avenue
Parkinson's Market 2001-03 Delaware Avenue (1917-1954)
Formerly, Cleaver's Confectionery Store
Later, LeCompte Electrical
Lincoln Camera
Vogue Cleaners
Patsy's Van Buren Street
Paul’s Market 2400 Lamotte Street
Pefkaros (Harry) 627 King Street
Pellerzi, Thomas The Cedars
Penn Fruit Co. 4609 N. Market Street
Prices Corner
Penn Super Market 210 Delaware Avenue
Penny Hill Delicatessen 300 Philadelphia Pike
Penny Pincher's Linden & Van Buren Streets
Peoples Little Budget Market Orange Street near Brown Voc. School
Peter's (Carucci) 417 N. Lincoln Streets YES
Peter Pops (Pappas) 6th & Lincoln Streets
Petros (Terry) 1005 Wright Street
Petruccelli & Sons 637 W. 3rd Street
Petrucci’s Market 113 N. Lincoln Street YES
Phil’s Market Phillip & Junction Streets
Philadelphia Grocery Store 1841 W. 6th Street
Phils Market 2nd & Franklin Streets
Piggly Wiggly 1-3 E. Ninth Street
308 King Street
Pini's Lincoln & Gilpin Streets
Pioneer Supermarket 1700 block W. 3rd Street
Platt Brothers 124 Delaware Avenue
Pleasantville Market Hare’s Corner
Poppiti’s Market 1800 W. 3rd Stree
Porter (Thomas N) 614-616 N. Union Street
Potocki's Market 221 S. Franklin Street YES
Potsie's 29th & Tatnall Streets
Primo's Pasta
Prouds, Joe Candy Store 40 Acres
Public Food Market 6th & Lombard Streets
Pullella's Grocery Store 8th & Lincoln Streets
R & W Market 22nd & Jessup Streets
Redlus, Jacob 859 Church Stree
Reed's Market 701 Concord Avenue
Regina's Canby Park
Renzi Grocery 2401 W. 6th Street YES
Riccio, J Food Market 1301 W. 4th Street
Riccio's Food Market 6th & Lincoln Streets
Riccio's (Angelo T) 519 N Madison Street
Riccio (J) Market 1301 W Fourth Street
Riccio's (Michael A) 418 N Madison Street
J. H. Rigney 429 E. 4th Street
Redlus Market 901 Lombard Street YES
Richard's Market Newark, DE
Roberts, Earl A Mt. Pleasant
Rockford Market 43 Rockford Road
Rodney Market 1417 Maple Street
Rodney Superette 1119 S. Rodney Street
Rogasky, Charles B 300 E. 11th Street
Rosbrow's Newsstand 6th & Union Streets YES
Rosen, Ben 313 E. 13th Street
F. & H. Roser Dressed Meats 523 Madison Street
Rosie's 4th & Franklin Streets
Ross Bros Food Market 303 W. 12th Street
Russell Crow Produce Market
Russ' Market 1035 W. Front Street
S & J Market 736 Vandever Avenue
Salzer’s Kosher Delicatessen 301 W. 29th Street
Sandals Candy Store 7th & Woodlawn Avenue (across the street from a lot that was vacant for years)
Saienni’s Italian American Market 833 Clayton Street
Sanitary Sea Food Market 521 N. Madison
Sansone's Seafood Market 2nd & King Streets
Santillo Market 5th & Scott Streets
Save-More Food Market 2220 N. Monroe Street
Schwartz's Store Brandywine Blvd.
Sea Food Barn 322 Red Mill Road
5 Pennsylvania Avenue
Shafer's Market

2400 New Road, Elsmere
913 Brandywine Blvd, Bellefonte

Shapiros Deli 202 W. 2nd Street
Sheehan Brothers Market 300 Shipside Avenue
Shirley's Candy Store Rodman Street
Shivone's Fairfax Shopping Center
Shocklet's, Bert Poultry House 600 block Madison Street
Shopper's Fair N. duPont Highway

825 N. Union Street
913 Brandywine Blvd, Bellefonte

T. Sikorski Groceries & Meats 501 S. Harrison Street
Silver, Abe 1619½ Claymont Street
Silver's Grocery Store Claymont Street
Simon's Grocery 30th & Madison Streets
Skinners Market 4th Street & Bancroft Pkwy.
Skipper’s & Son’s Market 400 Liberty Blvd.
Snowball Store Union Street down from Frankies Sub shop
Snyder's Food Market 417 West 5th Street
Solan's Market 2200 N. Pine Street YES
South Wilmington Market A & Heald Streets
Spiro's Meat Market King Street
Steckler, Moe 206 Poplar Street
Steimle, Charles A 528 N. Franklin Street
Stellini & Sons Market 201 N. Jackson Street
Stephens, O W 7th & Spruce Streets
Stewart, Olga 219 West Street
Stuart’s Market Ginns Corner
Street's Food Market & Butcher Shop 26th & Tatnall Streets
Sullivans Meat Market 2nd & Madison Streets
Super G Concord Pike, Talleyville
Pete L. Manos, operator
Superior Markets 713 Market Street
4 West 4th Street
Swinger's Market 10th & Wilson Streets
Sylvester, Frank 19 W. Main Street
Tacik, Joseph L 114 Stroud Street YES
Tambourelli's Grocery Store 500 Lincoln Street YES
Tanzer's Super Food Market New Castle Avenue & A Street YES
Tashman's Fruit 512 King Street
Telephone Answering Service 1212 Washington Street
The Brown Market 104 N Union Street
Fifth & King Street
Tomczyk's Dry Goods & Notions 300 S. Jackson Street YES
Toner's Van Buren Street
Tony’s Market 1239 Linden Street YES
Tony's Groceries Pleasantville
Townsend Locker Plant Main Street & Commerce Avenue
Tri-State Service, Inc. 4202 Market Street
Uncle Milty's Haines Avenue between Blue Rock & Chestnut
United Fish & Oyster Company 123 King Street
United Sea Food Market 207 King Street
Valentino’s Market 823 King St.
Van Buren Food Market 7th & Van Buren Streets
Vassallo's Market
Vaughan & Smitty’s Market 101 S. Cleveland Avenue, Richardson Park
Victory Scrap Yard
Walter's Self-Service Market 623 Maryland Avenue
White Barn Seafood Shop Rt 1, Chadds Ford
Walbert’s Service 3714 Philadelphia Pike
Walls, M E New Castle Avenue& Center Street
Warner Company
Waxman, Louis Mrs Lancaster Avenue & duPont Streets
Webb’s Market Clinton
Webber’s Market 1716 Gilpin Drive
Webb's Laundry & Cleaning 97 Vandever Avenue & Lamotte Street
Locatted in the former Arlington Cotton Mills plant
4th & Union Streets
Weiner’s Market 2000 Jefferson Street
Weinsteins Store Woodlawn Avenue
Weinstock's Grocery Store The Cedars, Newport Gap Pike & Milltown Road
Wilco Plumbing & Heating Supply Company 200 French Street
Wil-Del Company 407 Shipley Street
Willard Stewart, Inc. Brecks Mill
Wilmington Fish Market 711 King Street
Wilmington Poultry Company 530 Lincoln Street
Wilmington Provision Company Foot of Orange Street
Wilkinsons Market New London Avenue
Wilson, Louis B Elkton Road
Wilson’s Fairlawn Market 6th & Hillview Avenue
Winners Grocery, Bernice New Road, Elsmere
Wisniewski, John S 308 Hazeldel Avenue
Wojdak, Henry Millcreek
Wolhar's Grocery Store Pennsylvania Avenue& Scott Street
Y & M Groceries 308 E. 8th Street
Yetter’s Philadelphia Pike YES
Zucker, Bert 2nd & Adams Streets (836 W. 2nd Street)

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