Drug Stores & Pharmacies

Name Address Photo
Avenue Pharmacy 300 Delaware Avenue Yes
Avenue Pharmacy 818 Maryland Avenue Yes
Bart's Drug Store 8th & Monroe Streets Yes
Bartley Drug Store 7th & Orange Streets
Bartoshesky's Drug Store 6th & Pine Streets
Belt Drug Store 508 King Street Yes
H. R. Bringhurst Drug Store 317 Market Street Yes
Brittingham's Pharmacy • Medical Arts Building
• Edgemoor Terrace
• Delaware Trust Building
• Fairfax Shopping Center
Brown's Drug Store Concord Avenue
Brown's Drug Store 407 Philadelphia Pike, Penny Hill Yes
Buckmaster's Drug Store 400 E. 4th Street
Bunnin's Drug Store 1700 block W. 4th Street
Cahan's Drug Store 7th & Jackson Streets
Caldwell's Drug Store • Meadowood Shopping Center
• Drummond Hill Shopping Center
Paul & Charlotte Caldwell, owners
Capeaus Drug Store ŸŸŸŸ• Delaware Avenue & DuPont Street
• 14th & DuPont Streets
• Basin Road, Penn Mart Shopping Center
• Park-N-Shop, 245 Elkton Road, Newark
• Ferris & Gilpen Roads, Willow Run
• 2 E. main Street, Middletown
Cavanaugh's Pharmacy DuPont Building Yes
Chadwick's Drug Store • 7th & Pine Street
• Vandever Avenue & Market Street
Chestnut Hill Pharmacy 3039 Ogletown Road Yes
Clodi's Drug Store 9th (or 10th) & Walnut Streets
Community Pharmacy Lancaster Avenue & Union Street
Custler's Pharmacy Marsh & Silverside Roads Yes
Danforth's Drug Store • 124 Market Street
• 1003 Delaware Avenue
• Miller Road Shopping Center
Darr's Pharmacy 1926 Lancaster Avenue Yes
Dean's Pharmacy 3115 Lancaster Avenue Yes
Detwiler's Drug Store 30th & Market Streets
Eckerd's Drug Store • 513 Market Street
• 723 Market Street
• 900 Orange Street
• Claymont and Newark
Elsmere Parklyn Pharmacy • 1101 New Road, Elsmere
• Limestone Road & Kirkwood Highway
Fell's Drug Store • 9th & Orange Streets
• 600 Concord Avenue
• Later, Schueler's Drug Store
Foster Park Pharmacy 3115 Lancaster Avenue Yes
Frank Russos Pharmacy 1836 W. 4th Street
Franklin Pharmacy 221 S. Franklin Street
Paul Potocki, owner
Gassers Pharmacy 3400 Washington Street Yes
Gocal's Pharmacy • 622 S. Harrison Street, later
• 501 Maryland Avenue
1937-1967, Frank M. Gocal, owner
Grants Pharmacy Philadelphia Pike & Silverside Road
Happy Harry's Discount Drugs • 1709 Marsh Road
• 2 Branmar Plaza, Silverside & Marsh Roads
• Trolley Square
• 900 Orange Street
• Over the years, there were 76 locations.
Probably the most recognized drugstore in the area, Happy Harry's was founded by Harry Levin and his wife, Diane in 1962. The first store was located at 1709 Marsh Road. The business grew to 76 locations in Delaware and the surrounding states. Harry Levin died in 1987 and his son, Alan, took over. In 2006, Levin announced that he was selling his business to the Walgreen Company.
Harmonson Drug Company 816 Maryland Avenue
Hearn's Pharmacy Fairfax Shopping Center
2092 Philadelphia Pike
Holly Oak Rexall 1800 Block Philadelphia Pike
Hotel Drug Store DuPont Building Yes
Joel's Drug Store
Johnson's Pharmacy Greenville Shopping Center
Kiger's Pharmacy 401 Union Street (see Union Pharmacy)
Harry S. Kiger
Kiger's Pharmacy 1713 W. 4th Street
Carvel Kiger was killed in store during exchange of gunfire, 1970
Konitzer's Drug Store 2nd & Monroe Streets
Latin-American Drug Store 600 N. Union Street Yes
Levine's Pharmacy Vandever Avenue & Church Street
Lincoln Drug Store • 1901 Delaware Avenue @ Lincoln Street
• 14th & Washington Streets
• An adjunct store was the Lincoln Cut Rate, 2400 Market Street
Lipshultz Pharmacy
Louis' Drug Store 3 W. 4th Street Yes
Louis Pharmacy 2623 Washington Street Yes
Maida's Drug Store Lancaster Avenue & Harrison Streets Yes
Manor Pharmacy 1412 N. duPont Highway Yes
Martha's Drug Store
Massey Pharmacy 5 W. Market Street Yes
Miller Drug Store • 22nd & Pine Streets
• 23rd & Pine Streets
• 8th & Poplar Streets
• 402-404 Market Street
Merchandising same name at various locations
Naamans Pharmacy Faulk & Naamans Roads Yes
Newark Pharmacy 183 E. main Street, Newark Yes
Ninth Street Pharmacy 107 E. Ninth Street Yes
Northern Pharmacy 2004 North Market Street Yes
O'Conners Drug Store DuPont Building Yes
Orlich's Drug Store 636 W. 4th Street
Park Pharmacy 809 S. Maryland Avenue Yes
Penn Pharmacy 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue Yes
Ponsell's Drug Store • 3115 Lancaster Avenue
• 2623 Washington Streets, opened 1938
• 3409 Kirkwood Highway
Owned by Francis Ponsell, the Washington Street location had a fourteen foot long soda fountain.
Pops Drug Store 25th & Market Streets
Potocki's Drug Store 221 S. Franklin Street Yes
Rexall Drug Stores Rexall was a chain of American drug stores with the name of their store-branded products. Some Rexall stores were:
1901 Delaware Avenue
14th & Washington Streets
Lincoln Pharmacy
Danforth's Drug Store
Northern Pharmacy
Parklyn Pharmacy, to name a few
Rhoads Drug Store 36 E. Main Street Yes
Rich Drug Store 206-208 W. 10th Street Yes
Save-A-Cent Drug Store Gov. Printz Blvd.
Schueler's Drug Store 600 Concord Avenue @ Monroe Street
Previously, Fell Drug Store
Seidel's Drug Store • 107 Maryland Avenue, Richardson Park
• 1926 Lancaster Avenue
Silver's Pharmacy 412 New Road, Elsmere Yes
Smith's Pharmacy Darley Road, Claymont Yes
Smith & Strevig Pharmacy 900 Delaware Avenue
The pharmacy was in the path of the I-95 freeway and was demolished in the early 1960s
Spivack's Drug Store 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue Yes
Starr Pharmacy 3 Matthes Avenue, Richardson Park Yes
Starr's Drug Store 601 W. 8th Street Yes
Stromwasser's Drugstore 23rd & Jefferson Streets
Sun Ray Drugs • 436 Market Street
• 701 Market Street
• Merchandise Mart
Sycheck's Pharmacy Gov. Printz & Stuyvesant Drive
Tigue's Drug Stores • 2720 Washington Street
• Marsh & Silverside Roads
• Blue Rock Manor
• Concord Pike, closed in 1980
Founded in 1938 by Paul C. Tigue, Sr. He was first a pharmacist with Smith & Strevig's Pharmacy in 1926. In later years, he expanded his business to three pharmacies on Marsh Road and Concord Pike. Upon his retirement, the Washington Street Pharmacy closed in 1979.
Tull's Drug Store 2418 Main Road, Brack-Ex
Union Pharmacy 401 N. Union Street (see Kigers)
1940s-1965, owned by Thomas Davis
Whelans Drug Store 823 Market Street
Opened 1940; closed in 1959
Zuber's Drug Store 10th & Pine Streets

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