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Al & Ad's Sub Shop 816 Maryland Avenue YES
Albert's Delicatessen 705 S. Union Street
Andy's Subs Airport Road
Angie's Minquadale
Ann's Ice Cream Store 10th & Kirkwood Streets YES
Arden Sub Shop Marsh & Grubb Roads YES
Arnie's Hamburgers Miller Road
Avenue Delicatessen 1608 Delaware Avenue YES
B & G Drive-In Restaurant 2110 New Road, Elsmere
Bairds' Soda Shop 1703 Concord Pike YES
Baker, Ben 418 King Street
Banjo's Sub Shop 1223 W. 4th Streets
Beefy's Chubby Dog
Betty's Ice Cream Parlor US Rt. 202, near US Rt 1 YES
Betty's Sub Shop Newport Shopping Center YES
Bev's Subs & Steaks
B & R Rest
B & I Barbecue
1102 Walnut Street
Bimbo's Pizza, 1980's 729 Philadelphia Pike
Boles Delicatessen 306 W. 29th Street
Bombas Pizza Karlyn Drive, Overview Gardens
Borgia's Sub Shop 414 N. Union Street
Opened in 1968 - 2005; Owners: Peggie and Ray Borgia
Boxwood Sub Shop 212 Boxwood Road
Brandywine Delicatessen 18th & West Streets
Brandywine Food Shoppe Foulk & Silverside Roads
Cafe Verdi 7A Trolley Square
Casapulla's Sub Shops
Charlie's Sub Shop 803 Madison Street
Charlie's O-Boy Subs 8th & Madison Streets
Charlie's Original Sub Shop 413 Madison Street
Cherry Corner Soda Shop 2nd & Cherry Streets
Chicken Delight 4th Street & Greenhill Avenue
Chuck Wagon Drive-In Kirkwood Hyw.
Circle U Steak Shop Union Street
Corral Drive-In 1402 Newport Pike
Costanzo's Pizza Lancaster Avenue
D & R Market 227 Maryland Avenue
Dan's Sub Shop 7th & Madison Streets
DeCostanza's Subs Claymont
DeLeo's Rt. 13, Middletown
Del Collo's Pizza 500 N. Union Street
Dairy Queens
Dog House Concord Pike
DuPont Hwy.
Dom's Sub Shop 4th & Madison Streets
Dowd's Shoppe 2 W 20th Street
Eddie's Soda Fountain
Embassy Delicatessen 3 E. 4th Street Yes
Epicure Shop 100 W 9th Street
Farrell's Five Points Pizza Bellefonte
Foulk's Supertessen Naamans Shopping Center
Francy's Sub Shop Kirkwood Hwy, Elsmere
Frank's Delicatessen 175 E Main Street
Frankies' Sub Shop 500 block Union Street
Frostop Drive-In Restaurant 3809 Kirkwood Highway
Furio's Pizza N. Union Street
G & L Delicatessen 1119 E. 12th Street
Gallo's Pizza Kirkwood Hwy, Roselle
Gamiel's Deli 13 E. 7th Street
Gerardo's Pizza Union Street
Gins Steak & Subs 6th & Lincoln Streets
Gino's Pizza 5th & Scott Streets
Greenhill Delicatessen 4th Street & Greenhill Avenue
Greenhill Drive-In Greenhill Avenue and Maryland Avenue in Newport
Goldie's Deli 906 N. Union Street
Gourmet Shoppe 1717 Marsh Road
Gus's Sub Shop 9th & French Streets
Hall's Ice Cream 22nd & Carter Streets
High-Point Hamburger's Kirkwood Hwy
Hokie's Academy Street, Newark
Holt's Quick Lunch #3 E. 4th Street
Ice Cream Box Gov. Printz Blvd.
Imperial Deli
Italian Table Sub Shop Kirkwood Hwy & Limestone Road
Jack-In-The-Box Phidelphia Pike and Kirkwood Highway
Jack Lundy's 202 W. 2nd Street
Jan's Steak House
Jensen's Sub Shop Mary & Market Streets
Jerry's Drive-In DuPont Parkway Yes
Jippy's Sub Shop Canby Park, where Bill's Flower Shop is now
Joe's Kosher Delicatessen 1325 Washington Street
Joe's & Tony's Sub Shop 4th Street
Jumbo's Hot Dogs Capital Trail
Junie's Soda Fountain Lee Blvd.
Kelly's Fast Food Governor Printz Blvd
Lanks Sub Shop Concord Avenue
Lehigh's Sub Shop Newport
Lehman's Frozen Custard Gov. Printz Blvd. & Lore Avenue
Lena's Sub Shop 1612 Lancaster Avenue
Leo & Jimmy's Market Street
Lincoln Luncheonette
Linden Grill Linden & Jackson Streets
Little Anthony's, 1990's 729 Philadelphia Pike
Lisakoff's Luncheonette
Little Store Becker Street & Tyrone Avenue
Lundy's Deli Miller Road
Mamie's Sub Shop 2nd & Lincoln Streets
Mento's Soda Shop Front & Franklin Streets
Miami Lunch King Street
Mikes Sub Shop later Teddys, 9th & Union Streets
Mike's Sub Shop 11th & Spruce Streets
Mike's Sub Shop French Street
Milky Way 4th & Union Streets
Mitchell's 529 Vandever Avenue
Morris' Sub Shop Boxwood Road & Boxwood Avenue (across from Conrad HS)
Mr. Pizza Family Affair Restaurant • Chesmar Plaza, Chestnut Hill & Marrows Roads
• Mr. Pizza, 4553 Kirkwood Highway, Chestnut Hill Shopping Center
Nardo's (F. A.) Sub Shop 4536 Kirkwood Hwy.
Nardo's (Lou) Sub Shop 807 W. 4th Street
Neumann's Delicatessen 1325 Washington Street
New England Subs Main Street, Newark
Nick's Pizza Claymont
Nick's Sub Shop DuPont Highway
Nick's Sub Shop Lincoln Street & Lovering Avenue
Olympia Delicatessen Newport Shopping Center
Pantano's Deli S. Union Street
Pappy's Pizza Concord Pike
Patsy's Sandwich Shop 4th & Adams Streets
Penn-Clay Luncheonette Delaware Avenue & Clayton Street (across from the 'Car Barn'
Peterson's Branmar Plaza
Penny Hill Donuts Phila. Pike & Lore Avenue
Penny Hill Sub Shop Phila. Pike & Marsh Road Philadelphia Pike
Pepe's Pizza
Pete's Sub Shop 131 W. 13th Street
Pepper's Brandywine Blvd., Bellfonte
Peterson's House of Fudge Concord Pike & Sharply Road
Philamena's Sub Shop 2nd & Lincoln Streets
Phil's Sub Shop 600 block Madison Street
Pizza Galore S. DuPont Road
Pops Sub Shop 25th & Market Streets
Premium Deli Chestnut Run Shopping Center
Premium Sub Shop Maryland Avenue
Remedio's Pizza Rialto Lncheonette 11th Street & Delaware Avenue
Rodney Superette 1119 S. Rodney Street
Roman's Sub Shop
Rosie's Sub Shop 4th & Franklin Streets
S & S Deli 26th & Tatnell Streets
Sammy's Sub Shop 1400 French Street
Sammy Green's Sub Shop Marsh Road
Sam's Delicatessen 837 Union Street
Sam's Steak House 14th & Washington Streets
Schwartz's Soda Fountain
Second Street Deli
Sharpies Steaks Claymont
Small's Delicatessen 4520 Kirkwood Hwy
Sophie's Sub Shop Lincoln Street & Shallcross Avenue
Spic 'n Span Drive-Ins 1207 Union Streets, opened 1939
20th & Market Streets
31st & Market Streets
Maryland Avenue, Newport
Philadelphia Pike & Bellefonte Blvd.
Southbridge Delicatessen 825 New Castle Avenue
Spags Steak Shop 500 block Union Street
Splendid Lunch Restaurant
Steak City
Steak Shack 2413 Concord Pike
Steak Shop Shallcross Avenue
Steer Inn 3615 Miller Road, 9/18/1962
1402 E. Newport Pike (Maryland Avenue) 2/18/1963-7/22/1963
Tillie's Soda Fountain
Tom's Sub Shop 113 N. James Street, Newport Yes
Tom's Sub Shop 29th & Market Streets
Toner's Soda Shop Baynard Blvd & Vanburen Streets
Top Value Cold Cuts 3522 Philadelphia Pike
Trotter's Pretzels
Twin Pines Sub Shop Black Cat
Uncle Milty's Soda Shop 70 Haines Avenue, Hillcrest
Operated 1970-1978
Walnet Cafe 220 Walnut Street
Walt's Deli 1107 New Road, Elsmere
Wheatley, Charles J, Lindbergh Avenue & Newport Pike
Wilson, Gus's Sub Shop 9th & French Streets
Winner's Sub Shop 509 New Road, Elsmere
Yatz's 6th & Lincoln Streets
Yatz's Maryland Avenue

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