Wilmington & New Castle County Schools

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Absalom Jones 310 Kiamensi Road, Belvidere
Constructed in 1923, the school was named for Absalom Jones in 1930, who was a priest in the Episcopal Church. He died in 1818.
Archmere Academy 3600 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont
Founded in 1932 on the estate of John J. Raskob, an executive with DuPont and GM. It was purchased by the Norbertine religious order. Archmere was an all-boys school until 1975, when it became co-ed.
Arden School 2119 The Highway, Arden
The original (1924) two-room building destroyed by a fire in 1944. A new three-room building was constructed and enlarged over the years. It was the first school in the state to integrate. The school closed in 1969.
Associated Hebrew School 6th & Washington Streets
Austin D. Baltz School
—› See Oak Grove Schools
Spruce Avenue, Elsmere
W. P. Bancroft Junior High School 700 Block Pine Street YES
Thomas F. Bayard Junior High School Chestnut & DuPont Streets
originally opened as an elementary school in 1932
Brandywine High School 1400 Foulk Road
Opened in the mid-1960s
Brandywine Springs Middle School 2916 Duncan Road
Purchased by Hercules, Inc. in 1982 for use as an office building
Brandywood Elementary School 2115 Anson Road
Opened in the mid-1960s.
Brookside Elementary School
Opened in 1954
Marrows Road YES
Earl C. Brown School
Formerly the Dunleith School
Closed in 1978. Sold in 1983
H. Fletcher Brown Vocational High School 14th & Market Streets #1 #2 #3
Caravel Academy 2801 Del Laws Road Bear
George Washington Carver Vocational School 5th & French Streets, 1942-1953 YES
Carrcroft Elementary School 503 Crest Road
Opened in 1955
Castle Hills Elementary School
opened in 1958
Moores Lane, New Castle YES
Cedar Hill Elementary School 1300 Cedar Street
Opened in 1958 to replace Public School #19. Now Pulaski Elementary School
Central Elementary School S. Academy Street, Newark
Built in 1907, the building was condemned in 1948 and was abandoned in 1950.
Chanin Elementary School 2503 Naamans Road
Opened in the mid-1960s.
Christ Our King School 28th & Monroe Streets
Opened in 1928, closed in 2006
Christiana High School Salem Church Road
Opened in 1963
Claymont High School 3209 Green Street, Claymont YES
Colwyck Elementary School Landers Lane & New Castle Avenue
Opened in 1987
Colwyck Junior High School Landers Lane, Swanwyck
Opened in 1955
Cool Spring School 10th & Van Buren Streets
Opened in 1967
Concord High School Ebright & Naamans Roads
Opened in 1970
Henry C. Conrad High School Woodcrest
Now Henry C. Conrad Schools of Science
In 1978, it became Conrad Junior High School
Corpus Christi 912 New Road, Elsmere
Darley Road Elementary School 500 Darley Road, Claymont
Opened in 1959
De La Warr High School Chase Avenue, Garfield Park YES
Delcastle Technical High School 1417 Newport Road YES
John Dickinson High School 1801 Milltown Road
Opened in 1961
Carrie Downie Elementary School Frenchtown Raod, New Castle
Opened in 1952
John R. Downes School Cherry Hill, Newark
Opened in 1965
Dunleith School
Later became the Earle C. Brown School
Alexis I. du Pont High School (now Jr High) 3130 Kennett Pike
Opened in 1893. Moved to its new location in 1966
Alfred I. du Pont Elementary School 3606 Concord Pike
Closed in 1981. Now a shopping center
P. S. duPont High School (now an elementary school 34th & Van Buren Streets #1 #2 #3
Eastlake School • 30th & Madison Streets
Formerly Public School #23
Demolished to be made a park
Eden School Bear Station, Bear YES
Edgemoor Elementary School Edgemoor Road & Brandywine Boulevard
Samuel G. Elbert School Townsend & Buttonwood Streets
Opened in 1931
Faulk Elementary School 1401 Foulk Road
Built in 1953; Closed in 1978; now Foulkstone Plaza Office Park
Forrest Oak School 55 S. Meadowood Drive, Meadowood
Forwood Junior High School 2000 Westminster Drive, Holiday Hills
Opened in the mid-1960s.
Friends School School Road, Alapocas Drive YES
Robert S. Gallaher Elementary School 800 Brownleaf Road, Tanglewood
Glasgow High School Rt. 896
Opened in 1973
George Gray School 22nd & Locust Streets
Opened in 1926
Green Street Elementary School Claymont YES
Greenville Elementary School Kennett Pike, Greenville
Willard Hall School 8th & Adams Streets, built in 1884-1885.
Previously, it was Public School #28. It was renamed the Willard Hall High School, 1886-1901. Later, it was used for city services and demolished in the early 1960s for I-95 construction.
#1 #2
Hanby School The original one-room school opened in the early 1900s on (2502) Marsh Road, north of Naamans Road. The school consolidated into the Alfred I. du Pont School District in 1931. In the mid-1960s, a new school, Hanby Junior High, was built off of Grubb Road, near Chalfonte III. Later, it became an elementary school. YES
David W. Harlan School 36th & Jefferson Streets YES
Harmony School Limestone Road
Highlands School Delaware Avenue & Bancroft Parkway YES
Hockessin School YES
Hodgson Vo-Tech Glasgow
Holy Angel's Newark
Holy Rosary Philadelphia Pike, Claymont
Howard High School
• 1210-1220 Orange Street (old school, previously PS #16, 1867), demolished in 1933, now a parking building.
• 13th & Poplar Street (new school, 1928). Funds were provided by Pierre S. duPont
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1953 Yearbook

1975 Yearbook
Henrik J. Krebs School 234 N. James Street, Newport
Closed in 1980 due to low enrollment and put up for sale.
Bids were placed by Wilmington Christian School (1982) and the Delaware Valley Broadcasters (1983). The site was sold to Pettinaro Construction in 1984.
#1 #2
Immaculate Heart of Mary Weldin & Shipley Roads YES
Lancashire Elementary School 2000 Naamans Road
Opened in the mid-1960s.
Lombardy Elementary School 412 Foulk Road
Opened in the mid-1960s.
Charles B. Lore School
Opened in 1932. Previously Public School #25
#1 #2 #3 #4
R. Elizabeth Maclary School Chapel Hiil, Newark
Manor Park School Bassett Avenue, Manor Park
Maple Lane Elementary School 20 Maple Road, Claymont
Marbrook School Centerville Road
Marshallton School 1703 School Lane YES
Calvin R. McCullough Middle School Chase Avenue, Garfield Park
Formerly De La Warr High School
Name changed in 1978 as De La Warr was abolished
Thomas McKean High School 301 McKennan Church Road YES
McVey Elementary School Robscott Manor, Newark
E. Frances Medill Elementary School 1532 Capitol Trail, Newark; named for a Newark resident and teacher.
Opened in 1953 with twelve classrooms. Twelve additional classrooms were later added.
In 1983 this school merged with the Wilmer E. Shue School next door creating the Shue-Medill School
Middletown School 120 Silver Lake Road YES
Minquadale School DuPont Highway YES
Mount Pleasant Junior School Duncan Road, Bellefonte
5201 Washington Street
#1 #2
Mount Pleasant High School Phila. Pike & Duncan Road
5201 Washington Street
#1 #2
Anna P. Mote School Edwards Avenue & Capitol Trail YES
Newark Elementary School
Newark Junior and Senior High School
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North East Elementary School Todds Lane & Bowers Street
Oak Grove School (Original)
See Oak Grave Elementary and Junior High School
Poplar Avenue, Elsmere
Oak Grave Elementary and Junior High School
(Now Baltz School)
Spruce Avenue, Elsmere #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Website
Padua Academy 9th & Scott Streets
New school located at 905 Broom Street
Palmer School Claymont & Lobdell Streets YES
William Penn High School Delaware Avenue, New Castle YES
Pleasantville School, Glasgow Christiana Road
Public School #1 500 Block French Street
Was Wilmington's first public school in 1834 and enlarged in 1852.
It became Wilmington's first high school, 1871-1886.
Public School #2 11th & Washington Streets
Opened in 1855. Army reservists trained in the former school, which was owned by the Coca Cola Bottling Company
Public School #3 210½ Jefferson Street
Abandoned when Mary C. I. School opened
Public School #4 213-215 Washington Street
Abandoned in 1932
Public School #5 1213-1223 Walnut Street YES
Public School #6 309 Walnut Street
Public School #7
Also known as David W. Harlan School
5th & Pine Streets YES
Public School #8 7th & Spruce Streets
Public School #9
Name changed to Wollaston School, to honor Samuel Wollaston. The school was built on the Wollaston estate. He was also one of the organizers of the Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery.
8th & Wollaston Streets
Later used for offices by the school administration
Public School #10 Elm & Adams Streets
Public School #11 9th & Scott Streets
Abandoned when Charles B. Lore School opened
Public School #12 22nd & Market Streets
Public School #13 17th & Union Streets YES
Public School #14 309 S. Claymont Street
Public School #15 3rd & Harrison Streets
Abandoned when Mary C. I. School opened, 1932
Public School #16 1210-1220 Orange Street
Public School #17 16th & Claymont Streets
Later named James A. Garfield School
Public School #18 422-424 Townsend Street
Public School #19 Oak & Harrison Streets
Opened in 1881. In 1959, the students were reassigned to the Cedar Hill School. The building was leased to the St. Hedwig's Church Parrish in 1959 and sold to the parrish in 1963 to become the St. Hedwig's High School. The school was closed in 1978. It later became a professional building.
Public School #20 10th & Kirkwood Streets YES
Public School #21 5th & Scott Streets YES
Public School #22 2nd & Juston Streets YES
Public School #23 30th & Madison Streets YES
Public School #24 14 Hundred Block Washington Street YES
Public School #25 3rd & Bayard Avenue
Opened in 1890. Demolished in 1932 and became C. B. Lore School
Public School #26 1417 Thatcher Street
later named the Mendinhall School and secondly, the Little Flower Parochial School
Public School #27 Rockford Road & Park Avenue
Public School #28 8th & Adams Streets
It was renamed the Willard Hall High School, 1886-1901. Later, it was used for city services and demolished in 1962 for the Adams-Jackson Streets Freeway construction.
Public School #29 12th & Poplar Streets YES
Public School #30 Concord Avenue & Baynard Boulevard
Opened in 1913 and later renamed the Even G. Shortlidge School, a former city mayor. From 1961 to 1975, it was the home for the Opportunity School and later, transformed into condominiums.
Pulaski Elementary School 1300 Cedar Street
Opened in 1958. Previously, Cedar Hill Elementary School
Sarah Webb Pyle Elementary School 5th & Lombard Streets YES
George Reed Junior High School Basin Road, New Castle
Richardson Park Elementary and Junior High Schools The original one room Richardson School opened in 1780. As Richardson Park developed, the current school was constructed in 1924. The junior high section opened in 1950. #1 #2 Website
River Road Elementary School 1314 River Road
Sold in 1984 - Now condominiums
Rose Hill School Lambson Lane & West Avenue YES
Sacred Heart School 10th & Monroe Streets
St. Andrew's School Middletown YES
St. Anne's Episcopal School 211 Silver Lake Road, Middletown
St. Anthony's School 9th & Scott Streets
St. Catherine of Siena School 2501 Centerville Road
St. Edmonds Academy 2120 Veale Road
St. Elizabeth's Elementary/High School 1500 Cedar Street
Opened in 1908
High School opened in 1940
St. Hedwig's School Linden & Harrison Streets
Then, Oak & Harrison Streets
#1 #2
St. Helena's School 200 Bellefonte Avenue
St. Joseph's Elementary School French Street
St. Mark's High School Kirkwood Highway
St. Mary Magdalen School Concord Pike & Sharply Road
St. Matthews School 1 Fallon Ave
St. Michael's School 700 Walnut Street
St. Paul's School 312 N. Van Buren Street
St. Peter's School 6th & Tatnall Streets YES
St. Thomas School 4th & Bancroft Parkway, previously Grant Avenue YES
Salesianum High School Original location 8th & West
Moved to 18th & Broom Streets in 1959
#1 #2
Sanford Preparatory School Lancaster Pike, Hockessin YES
Shipley Elementary School 2723 Shipley Road
Opened in the mid-1960s.
Shortlidge Elementary School 18th & West Streets
Wilmer E. Shue School 1500 Capitol Trail, opened in 1967
In 1983 this school merged with the Medill School next door creating the Shue-Medill School
Silverside Elementary School Silverside & Carr Road
Now an office park
Skyline Junior High School 2900 Skyline Drive
Jennie E. Smith Elementary School Ogletown
Springer Junior High School 2220 Shipley Road
Opened in the mid-1960s
Stanton Junior High School 1800 Limestone Road
Sunny Hills School Lancaster Pike, Hockessin
Opened 1930. The school became Sanford Preparatory School in the mid-1970s.
Talley Junior High School Opened in the mid-1960s
Tatnall School 1501 Barley Mill Road #1 #2
Tower Hill School 2813 W. 17th Street YES
Townsend School 126 Main Street, Townsend YES
Ursuline Academy 1106 Pennsylvania Avenue YES
Emalea Pusey Warner Junior High School 18th & Van Buren Streets
Wilmington's first Junior High School, 1930
Washington School 14th & Washington Streets
West Park Place Elementary School West Park Place, Newark
Opened in 1955
Wilmington High School, nicknamed "High School" 800 Delaware Avenue
The 50 year old building and its 40 year old annex was demolished in 1964 to make way for two new buildings, one being the IBM building.
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

Wilmington Manor Elementary School E. Roosevelt Avenue
Wilmington Trade School 6th & French Streets
Mary C. I. Williams Elementary School 3rd & Monroe Streets. Opened in 1932. Demolished in 1983 to make way for the Adams Four Shopping Center. YES
Wollaston School 8th & Wollaston Streets
See Public School #9
Yorklyn School Sold in 1983 YES

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