Automotive Service Stations

Name Address Photo(s)
Adams Service Station 717-719 Lancaster Avenue
Agster's Atlantic Service Station 3000 Northeast blvd
Al Pappleo's Gulf Service Station 4th & Shipley Streets YES
Alford, Daniel H 601 N Orange Street
Atlantic Service Station Front & Madison Streets YES
Atlantic Gas Station 1704 & 1706 Main Road Brack-Ex
Atlantic Service Station 417 Delaware Avenue YES
Atlantic Service Center 1800 Market Street
Atlantic Service Station 205-209 French Street and 1001 Concord Avenue
Atlantic Service Station Marsh & Naamans Roads YES
Bear, P Willard 1300 Northeast Blvd
Bell Inc 1219 Market Street
Best, John F 2900 Lancaster Avenue Colonial Heights
Bill's Texaco Service 1642 Northeast Blvd
Britton, Elmer E 3001 Market Street
Brumbaugh, George Gulf Service Station 717 Shipley Street YES
Byerly, Robert 1308 and 1720 Northeast Blvd
Carr, Charles T ESSO Service Station • 1705 Lovering Avenue
• Augustine Cut-Off
Causeway Esso Station 401 S Market Street
Causeway Texaco Service 105 S Market Street
Chambers Auto Service 1800 Lovering Avenue
Chuck's Texaco Service 26th & Northeast Blvd
Circle Esso Center 1401 Maryland Avenue
Claymont Esso
Cornacchia, Pat J 2002 Penna Avenue
Dalphon, Chas F 134 Concord Avenue
Dave's Diamond Service Station 120 King Street
Deerhurst Esso 800 Faulk Road YES
Delaware Auto Supply Co 1235 French Street
Desmond Texaco Service 2728 Market Street
Gulf-Diamond Ice & Coal Co 4th & Shipley Streets YES
Diamond Ice and Coal Service Station • 803 Shipley Street
• Vandever Avenue & Jessup Street
• 3100 Pennsylvania Avenue
Diamond Ice and Coal Service Station 23th & Washington Streets YES
Dalphon's Diamond Gulf Service Station S. Market Street & B Street YES
Diamond Service Station DuPont Highway & Basin Road YES
Diamond Gulf Service Station Maryland Avenue & Cedar Street YES
Diamond Service Station 107 W Market Street Newport
Diamond State Petrolium 9th & Tatnall Street YES
Donovan Esso Service 109 N Union Street
Duling Brothers Esso Station 3501 Market Street YES
Duncan & Reynolds Gulf Service Station 40th & Washington Streets YES
Dutch Village Service Station DuPont Highway & Basin Road YES
Eddie's Service Station 209 S Heald Street
Edgemoor Diamond Service Center Governor Printz Blvd, Edgemoor Terrace YES
Elsmere Amoco Service Station New Road Cut-Off
Lost business after the construction of the Elsmere Viaduct in 1950
Elsmere Diamond Gas Station Wilmington Avenue & Ohio Avenue Elsmere
Todd's Esso Service Station Concord Avenue & N Broom Street YES
F & E Atlantic Service 1603 Pennsylvania Avenue
Fifth Avenue Calso Service 1116 Maryland Avenue
Firestone Service Station 11th & Delaware Avenue YES
Fitzgerald's Mobile Station 101 Market Street
Fitzpatricks Greenhill Gulf
Previously Harley's Diamond Gulf
Greenhill & Lancaster Avenues YES
French Street Service Station 500 French Street
Gailey's Esso Service Center Silverside & Marsh Roads YES
Gamgort Brothers Gulf Station Governor Prints Boulevard & 11th Street bridge YES
Gene’s Diamond Service 1001 W 4th Street
Gill's Atlantic Service Station Rt 40 & Rt 896, Glasgow YES
Giordano, Santo A 1201 W 3rd Street
Glass, Alex Atlantic Service Station 40th & Washington Street YES
Greenville Flying A Service Station Kennett Pike, Greenville YES
Gordon Fuel 8th Street & Woodlawn Avenue YES
Grimm’s Calso Station 207 Newport Pike Newport
Gus’ Diamond Service 915-917 Maryland Avenue
Gus' Esso Service W 40th & Washington Streets
Hahn, Edward 511 Concord Avenue
Hall, John Gulf Service Station Concord Avenue & Broom Street YES
Hanna's Esso Service 601 Concord Avenue
Hare's, John Diamond Gulf Service Station 12th & Washington Streets YES
Harley's Diamond Gulf Service Station Greenhill & Lancaster Avenues
Later, Fitzepatrick's Gulf Station
Harper's ESSO Servicecenter 109 Maryland Avenue
Harrison’s Claymont Downtown Parking Center 829-833 French Street
Harry's Service Station Concord Avenue & Tatnall Street YES
Harvey & Knott 601 Boxwood Road
Hawkins, Robert C 605 Vandever Avenue
Henry's Esso Service Center Kirkwood Highway & Northern Avenue Elsmere YES
Hill, Edgar L 505 S Market Street
Homer's Auto Service 701 Wilmington Avenue Elsmere
Hopkins Amoco Service 3417 Market Street
Houchins' Esso Servicenter 903 Delaware Avenue
Howell’s Service Station 724 N du Pont Road Richardson Park
Humble's Esso 800 Faulk Road YES
Hurst Diamond Service Station 303 S Market Street
Isaacs Service 410 W 8th Street
Jack's Service 506 Delaware Avenue
Jacob's Atlantic Service 101 Concord Avenue
Jenness Esso Service 700 Philadelphia Pike Bellefonte
Johnnie's Texaco Service Station 3001 Lancaster Avenue
Joy Gas Pennsylvania Avenue & DuPont Street
105 S. Market Street
28th & Market Streets
Richardson Park
Govenor Printz Boulevard
King Street Esso Service Center 818 King Street
Klingerman's Sunoco Service Station 101 N Union Street
Landis, Norman 224 E 4th Street
Lee's Mobile Service 1201 Market Street
Linton Diamond Gulf Station 1000 Concord Avenue
Lodge, Burton C 1901 Pennsylvania Avenue
Long, Alvin R 1300 Northeast Blvd
Lore & Pearce 615 Washington Street
Mac's AAA Service Station Pennsylvania Avenue & Union Street
Silverside & Faulk Roads
McCalls Esso Service 928 N Union Street
McClay's Service Station 903 Delaware Avenue YES
McLaughlin, John PMcLaughlin, John P 623 W Front Street
Merchandise Mart Esso Servicecenter Gov Printz & Lea Blvd YES
Miller, Robert W 2711 Lancaster Avenue
Mobilgas Station 2100 Northeast Blvd
Moore's Atlantic Service 325 N Maryland Avenue Glynrich
Mt Pleasant Atlantic Service 800 Philadelphia Pike Bellevue
Murphy’s Atlantic Station 1600 Newport Pike Newport Heights
Nanni, Edward Gulf Service Station Lancaster Avenue & Lincoln Street YES
Newton, Russell C 1711 Northeast Blvd
Nordquist's Service Station 3208 Market Street
Orr Texaco Service Station 506 S Market Street
Pacello's Esso Service Station 601 E 4th Street
Park Esso Servicecenter 410 S Maryland Avenue Idella
Phillips 66 Service Station Philadelphia Pike YES
Pierson, Carl J 401 Spruce Street
Poore, Harry 615 Wilmington Avenue Elsmere
Pure Service Station Lancaster Avenue & Monroe Street YES
Price's Corner Center Price’s Corner
Pusey's Esso Station 3004 Northeast Blvd
Quillen Brothers Garage W 6th Street, New Castle
Reiss Sunoco
Riblett's Atlantic Service E 25th & Northeast Blvd
Ridings Atlantic Station 10 S Heald Street
Rolands Diamond Service New Castle Avenue Collins Park
Ross, Leland 432 E 4th Street
Roy's Tydol Service Station 525 S Market Street
Saveway Stations Inc 207 S Market Street
Sibley's Service Station New Castle YES
Silview Esso Service 806 Newport Pike Silview
Simpler's Texaco Station 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue
Smitty's Diamond Service 1830 Lancaster Avenue
Stecher's Texico 801 Philadelphia Pike
Steele, Francis P 215 W 11th Street
Steelman's Diamond Service Maryland Avenue & S Broom Street
Sterling Auto Sales Inc 1010-1030 N Union Street
Sun Oil Co Station No 6 201 S Market Street
Tavani, Nicholas V 1938 W 4th Street
Taylor's Sunoco Service Staton Governor Printz Blvd
Texaco Gas & Oil Service Station 2-8 S Maryland Avenue Ashley
Texaco Gas Station 806 Wilmington Avenue Elsmere
Tidewater Flying A Service Station
Toods Service Station Concord Avenue & Broom Street
Traynor-Dever Inc 712 Lancaster Avenue
Twasko, John Gulf Service Station Lobdell & Heald Streets YES
Warrant's Esso Service 3000 Lancaster Avenue Colonial Park
White’s Quick Service Station Walnut & Taylor Streets
Wilson Sunoco Station Maryland Avenue & Robinson Drive
Wolf's Diamond Gulf Service Station Maryland Avenue & Boxwood Road YES
Woodcrest Diamond Service 801 Newport Pike Woodcrest
Woodcrest Sun Service 1401 Newport Pike Woodcrest
Woodring's Esso Service 2301 Market Street

Created: February 20, 2018
Revised: August 31, 2020