Stores (Department, Clothing, Housewares, Five & Dime, etc.)

Name Address Photo(s)
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Children's and Infant's Clothing Stores:
Alexander's 406 Market Street YES
Alfred Carlis Children's Shop Marsh Road & Midway Shopping Center YES
Bailey's (Mary A) 227 W. 9th Street
Blum's Little Folks Shoppe 708 King Street
Boy's Shop 802 King Street YES
Brandywine Little Shop 2107 Market Street
Children's Corner 830 Market Street
DiMauro's Children's Clothing 8th & duPont Streets
Joan Roberts Children's Clothing Augustine Cutoff
Katz's Children's Shop 1727 W. 4th & Scott Streets
2931 Washington Street
Kuschan's, Inc. 415 King Street
Maternity Mart 804 King Street
Olga's Kiddie Shop 601 S. Heald Street
Stork Shop 1328 Washington Street
Teen Town 307 Delaware Avenue
Tiny-Tot Towne 400 N. Lincoln Street
Toni Ann Shop 8-10 S. Union Street
West's Youth Center 822 Market Street
Men's Clothing Stores:
Abes YES
Adams Clothes 716 Market Street YES
Bermans (Lewis) 212 W. 27th Street
Bill's Clothes 401 Market Street
Brait's Men's Shop 424 Market Street YES
Brill's Clothes 401 and 507 Market Street
Burton's Clothes 405 Market Street
Capital Army & Navy Store 216 Market Street
Carlson, John A 923 Market Street
Cut-Rate Shoes 313 Market Street
Donald's Clothes 204 Market Street
Eppe's Army & Navy Store 302 Market Street
Eppe's Department Store 308 Market Street
Feingold's Family Outfitters 15 E. 7th Street
Grossi's Mens Apparel 1931 W. 4th Street
Guilford's Men's Shop 419 Market Street
Robert Hall Clothing, 14th & Market Streets
Hiltex Clothes Shop 304 Market Street
James Shop 218 Market Street
Kane, John W 511 Market Street
Klevan (Joseph) 214 Market Street
Leonard's 314 Market Street
Levitts Clothing Dep't. 814 Market Street
Mansure & Prettyman, Inc. 6th & Market Streets
15 W. 10th Street
Marigold Credit Clothing Company 102 W 6th Street
Moskins Credit Clothing Company 718 Market Street
Mullin's (James T & Sons) Clothing Store 514 Market Street
Murphy & Finkle 417 Market Street
Oxford Pipe Shop 401 Market Street
Quality Store 230 Market Street
Ralph's 411 Market Street
Reynolds Clothiers 914 Orange Street
Rodney's Tie Bar 113 W. 9th Street
Shuster's 820 Market Street
Sidney's Men's Clothing 2009 Market Street
Toadvines Clothing 835 Market Street
Union's Men's Store 6 S. Union Street
Wright & Simon 911 Market Street
Yours Truly Men's Shop 309 Market Street
Women's Clothing Stores:
Ace Dress Shop 309 Maryland Avenue YES
Arthur's 700-702 Market Street YES
Avenue Dress Shop 1609 Pennsylvania Avenue
Bernard's Dress Shop 216 W. 9th Street
Bird-Speakman 917-919 Tatnall Street YES
Braunstein's 610-612 Market Street, 1914-1921
704-706 Market Street, 1922-1983
Merchandise Mart and Newark
deLane Millinery 504 Market Street
East Lynn's Dress Shop
Edmor Sport Togs 814 Market Street
Edward's 414 Market Street
Fashion Shop 213 W. 9th Street
Finkel's 804 Market Street
Fisher's Ladie's Shop 805 Market Street
Fisher's Ninth Street Store 225 W. 9th Street
French Shop 834 Market Street
Golden Dawn Hosiery Shop 726 Market Street
Joy Hosiery Shop 828 Market Street
Joyce Shop 712 Market Street
LeMars 7th Heaven of Fashion 7th Street
LeRoy's 509 Market Street
Lincoln Dress Shop 4th & Lincoln Streets
Lucille's Dress Shop 9th & King Streets; 712 Market Street
McCaffery Dress Shop 600 W. 11th Street
Milady Hat Shop 816 Market Street
Mullin's (James T & Sons) Clothing Store 514 Market Street
Nugent's 829 Market Street
Ogden Howard Clothing Company 500 King Street
Peoples Credit Clothing Company 713 Market Street
Richard's 824 Market Street
Richard-Donald Furs 730 Market Street
Style Shop 832 Market Street
Wilbur-Rogers 722 Market Street
Wollaston's (Helen) 300 W. 9th Street
Department, Shoe, Gift, Jewelers and Specality Stores:
Almarts Concord Mall; Kirkwood Highway YES
Al's Pawn Shop 210 Market Street YES
Antoine's 4th & Tatnall Streets YES
Arts & Crafts Shop 2301 Main Road, Roselle
Avenue Gift Shop 1703 Pennsylvania Avenue
Bag & Baggage 9th & Tatnall Streets YES
Baynard Optical Company 5th & (423) Market Streets YES
Beck Shoe Company 603 Market Street
Beehive Company DuPont Building YES
Ben's Shoe Store 3rd & King Street YES
Bendheims Shoes 710 Market Street
J. Elmer Betty & Sons 407 Delaware Avenue YES
Bootery 200 W. 9th Street, at Orange YES
Braiger's, Inc 413 Market Street
Braiger & Sklar, Inc. 839 Market Street YES
Brofsky (Foley) 809 Market Street YES
Butler's Stationary 415 Market Street YES
Carl Cobin Shoes 834 Market Street
Charm, The 501B W 9th Street
Crockery Den 812 Market Street
Crosby & Hill 605-609 Market Street
Davis (Millard F) 931 Market Street
Dial Shoes 709 Market Street
Diane Shop
Doubet (Carl A) 10th & Orange Streets
Economy Cigar Store 400 Market Street
Ellison's Gift Shop 835 Market Street
Eppe's Army & Navy Store 302 Market Street
Fabric Shop 507 Market Street
Fanny's Family Store 4th & Lincoln Streets
Father & Son Shoes 404 Market Street
Flagg Brothers Shoes 833 Market Street
Forsythe Shoes 715 Market Street
Franklin Simon Merchandise Mart
Gaylord's Miller Road
Gift Nock 1209 Market Street
Goldenberg Army & Navy Surplus 200 Market Street
Hanover Shoe Company 602 Market Street
Harold's 823 Market Street
Harris & Groll 5 W 7th Street
Harris Jewelers 503 Market Street
Holiday Shoes 711 Market Street
Honey Bee Fairfax Shopping Center
Hurley-Powel 713-715-717 King Street
J-D Jewelers 403 Market Street
Jewel Box 814 Market Street
John Wanamaker Augustine Cut-off
John's Bargain Store 605 Block Market Street
Jo Robbin's
Joy Trimming Company 227 W. 9th Street
Kennard-Pyle 617-627 Market Street
Leibowitz 224 Market Street
Levitt Jewelry Company 802 Market Street
Lincoln Shop 1900 W 4th Street
Linen Mart 827-829 Market Street
Miles Shoes 811 Market Street
Morris Square Deal Jewelers 813 Market Street
Oppenheim & Collins Merchandise Mart
Ralph's Army & Navy Store 411 Market Street
Rogers Jewelry Company 407 Market Street
Rommel's 105 W 8th Street
Schagrin's 207 W. 9th Street
Sears, Roebuck and Company 219 W. 9th Street
6th & Orange Streets, 1934-1950 (later, became the United Way Building)
40th & Market Streets, 1950-
Singer Sewing Machine Company 608 Market Street
Sisofo's 4th Street
Sklut Furs
Storm's Shoes 921 Market Street
Strawbridge & Clothiers Merchandise Mart
Success Store 6 W. 4th Street YES
Topps Quality Shoes 230 Market Street
Towne & Campus Clothing
United Cigar 927 Market Street
John Wanamaker Store Augustine Cut-off
Wilmington Dry Goods 418 Market Street
Five & Dime Stores:
Grants, W T 705 Market Street
Greens, H L 610 Market Street
Hoy's 5¢ & 10¢ Store 206 N. Union Street
Kresge's, S S 611 & 801 Market Street
Peter's 5¢ & 10¢ Store 417 N Lincoln Street
Woolworth's, F W 506 & 839 Market Street
Furniture Stores:
Allen Furniture Company 837 King Street YES
Berger Brothers 236 King Street
Brand (John H) Company 501 Shipley Street
P. J. Butler Furniture Company 219-221 Market Street YES
Cohen Brothers 504 N Madison Street
Colonial Furniture 1522 W 4th Street
Colonial Furniture Company 121-123 market Street
Cooper's Home Furniture, Inc 219 Market Street
Drucker Furniture Company 6 W 3rd Street
Feeney (John T), Inc 711 Shipley Street
Feinberg H Furniture Company 806-808 King Street
Feinberg P, Inc 230 King Street
Hurley-Powell Company 713-715-717 King Street
Hurlock (Charles S & Son) Company 401 E 7th Street
Jack & Jill Juvenile Furniture 4308 Market Street
Liebman & Company 410 King Street
McMahon Brothers, Inc 504 Jefferson Street
McMahon's Furniture Company 600 king Street
Mill Furniture Store 316 Market Street
Miller Brothers Company 900 King Street
Mundy Brothers 812-816 King Street
Ogden-Howard 500 King Street
Paulin's 221 W 9th Street
Philip Liebman & Company 107 S Market Street
Phillip's New & Used Furniture 104 E 5th Street
Ritter B 2000 W 4th Street
Ryan's Home Furnishings 1935 W 4th Street
Sobocinski's (Zenon W) 234 Maryland Avenue
Stern & Company 614 Market Street
Turcol's (John B) 1738 W 6th Street
J. B. Van Sciver Company 844 King Street
Wax Furniture Company 213 Market Street
Appliance, Electrical, Hardware, Paint, Plumbing, etc. Stores:
Ace Hardware Store 414 Maryland Avenue
Amber Tile 221 W 4th Street YES
Angelo's 101 S Ogle Avenue YES
Art Stone & Tile Company 208 W. 4th Street YES
Artcraft Electric Supply Company 208 W. 4th Street YES
Bamberger & Robbins 204-208 W. 7th Street
Del-Mar Television & Appliance Center 1815 Lancaster Avenue
Brandywine Hardware Company 1910 Market Street
Burkhard Electric Company 101 S Maryland Avenue, Elmhurst
Delaware Hardware Company 2nd & Shipley Streets
Feinberg, P 230 King Street
Harvey Hall 802 French Street
High Point Hardware 401 Philadelphia Pike, Holly Oak
Hudson Supply Company 117 Market Street
Jacob Fuel Oil Service 111 Market Street
Jesse Auto Service 119 Market Street
Justis Brothers Market & Mary Streets, Newport
Kenyon, Inc 203 Market Street
Kraft Hardware Company 1221 Washington Street
Levy's Kumfort Shoes 223 Market Street
Maeson 4-6 W. 4th Street
Mammele (Canby C), Inc 13-15 E 4th Street
Phillips (Paul R) Brookside Drive & Maryland Avenue
Poole's Electric Company 904 Orange Street
Robins & Clark, Inc 301 N Union Street
Royal Radio Company 218 W. 5th Street
Sherwin-Williams Company 200 W 8th Street
Shields Lumber & Coal Company Greenville
Shinn (B. Frank) Company 501 Orange Street
Standard Wallpaper & Paint 128 Market Street
Streamline Army & Navy Store 214 Market Street
Thomas Paint & Paper 103 Market Street
Ulmer's (Horace H) 1702 Main Road, Brack-Ex
Union Street Hardware Company 801 N Union Street
White Brothers, Inc. 103 W. 7th Street
Wilmington Electrical Speciality Company 405 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington Hardware 701-703 W 4th Street
Wroten (J C) 101 N James Street, Newport
Music, Hobby and Toy Stores:
Brandywine Hobby Shop 2007 Market Street
Charle's 220 W. 10th Street
Mitchell's Fairfax
Rosenbaums 9th & Market Streets

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Revised: August 19, 2018