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35th Street Tavern 35th & Market Streets
4th Street Cafe 5-7 E. 4th Street YES
418 Club
A.M. Club 4400 Governor Printz Boulevard YES
A & M Liquor's 1000 block Market Street
Aaron Keil Company 1204 Market Street YES
Adolph's Cafe 506 Maryland Avenue YES
After Hours Club
After 12 13 Prestbury Square (Rt 4), Newark YES
Albano Liquors 501 Lincoln Street YES
Al Mar Liquor's 13th & Heald Streets
Al's Horse's Tail 913 Shipley Street
Andreoli's 522 W. 2nd Street
Andy's Musical Bar Chester
Angles 519 E. Basin Road YES
Annie's Tapas Bar 300 N. Union Street
Opened in 1986, closed 1993
Anvil Inn Baltimore Pike, Rt. 1
Kennett Square
Ark Club, The 5101 Governor Printz Boulevard YES
Baby Grand 2223 N. Market Street YES
Back Door 845 Tatnall Street YES
Back Stage Door 210 W. 10th Street
Formerly Warner Theater
Bali Hai Room New Castle Aveune & Rogers Corner YES
Ball's Sports Bar 916 Orange Street YES
Bambas DuPont Highway
Barn Door 845 Tatnall Street YES
Bastille's Nightclub US Rt. 40
Be Bop Café Granite Run Mall, PA
Becker's Tavern 2016-2018 Market Street
Bennie's Bar Chestnut & Harrison Streets
Bentley's Rts. 7 & 40, Newark YES
Bernie's Tavern 10 E. 2nd Street Yes
Black Cat, The duPont Highway/State Road YES
Blackstone Cafe 2nd & King Street YES
Blue Ball Tavern Concord Pike YES
Blue Boar Inn Miller Road, Arden YES
Blue Lantern Lounge 3403 Kirkwood Highway YES
Blue Rock Tavern 22nd & Lamotte Streets YES
Bon Bon 914 Orange Street
Lower Level of Cooper Kettle
Bogarts Bar & Grill 3001 Naaman's Creek Road
Formerly Maxmillian's (q.v.)
Borrelli's Union Street
Bosco's Tavern Rt. 9
Brandywine Club Routs 1 & 202, Chadds Ford, PA
Opened 1975, closed 1983
Previous location of the Continental Safari (q.v.)
Brandywine Hilton Inn I-95 & Naamans Road YES
Brandywine Inn US Rt. 202
Formerly Casa Mia Restaurant
Brandywine Tavern 1706 Philadelphia Pike YES
Brandywine Village Inn
Brewery Tavern 5th & Jackson Streets YES
Britts Pub 914 Orange Street
Lower level of the Copper Kettle
Brown Derby 7010 Governor Prints Boulevard YES
Buck Tavern
Buckley's Tavern 5812 Kennett Pike, Centerville YES
Buggy Tavern, The 101 Vandever Avenue YES
Bull's Eye Saloon Independance Mall, formerly Confetti's
Opened 1991, 300 N. Union Street, formerly Annie's Tapas Bar
Opened 1992, 3734 Kirkwood Highway
Caesar Rodney Inn DuPont Highway YES
Cafe Continental 3031 New Castle Avenue, Bowlarama, New Castle YES
Cafe Grande 102 French Street YES
Capro's Starlite Room Rt. 40, Bear, DE YES
Captain's Table 835 King Street YES
Carousel, The Marsh & Naamans Roads
Caribbean Café 218 Maryland Avenue
Cedar Tavern 923 Brown Street YES
Centerville Inn 1204 Centerville Road YES
Chadd's Ford Tavern
Charlie D's
Formerly Romedio's
Lancaster Avenue & Scott Street YES
Chavin's Liquors S. Broom Street
Chestnut Beer Garden 1025 Chestnut Street YES
Christiana Inn Peddlers Village, Rts. 273 & 273 YES
Chuckles Disco 1718 Naamans Road YES
Clanks Marcus Hook, PA
Club 3 1206 N. Union Street
Club 14 14th & Scott Streets YES
Club 400 225 W. 4th Street
Club 800 803 N. Union Street
Club Baby Grand 9th & Poplar Streets YES
Coach House Philadelphia Pike YES
Colombo's 421 Shipley Street YES
Continental Arms Restaurant & Inn Routes 1 & 202, Chadds Ford, PA YES
Continental Safari Routes 1 & 202, Chadds Ford, PA
Opened in 1968, closed in 1975
Future location of the Brandywine Club (q.v.)
Previous location of the Brandywine Musix Box and
Brandywine Music Circus, and earlier
Continental Arms Restaurant & Inn
Copa Club 841 Tatnall Street YES
Club 14 14th & Scott Streets YES
Cozy Morley's Chester, PA
Cramers Liquors 401 Delaware Avenue, West Street YES
Crescendo Lounge Rt. 49, Pennsville, NJ
Opened in 1961
Crest Club 102 N. French Street YES
Cutrona's Beer Garden
D & K Liquor's 704 W. 9th Street
Danceland 915 Shipley Street, 2nd floor YES
Danny's Tavern 4th & Monroe St
Davolos Liquor 700 N. Union Street YES
Dead President's Pub 618 Union Street, opened June 1997
Formerly Beijing House Restaurant
Deer Park Package Store E. Main Street, Newark
Deer Park Newark Yes
Delaware Cocktail Lounge 107 W. 7th Street YES
Delaware Liquor Store 2300 N. Market Street YES
Deptula's Bar 1201 Lancaster Avenue
Dillinger's Beaver Valley Plaza YES
Dinner's Club Arden
Dino's 217 W. 9th Street YES
Discotheque Uptown Grand Opera House, upstairs at La Grand Tier YES
Doc's Tavern McKennans Church Road
Dugan's Liquor Store 911 Orange Street
Opened in 1936, Mr. Dugan sold the store in 1980 Since then, non family members have owned it Pictured from left: Mr. William Taylor, Tom Dugan, Jr and Tom Dugan, Sr. (Submitted by M. (Dugan) Hancock)
Duke's Christiana Mall YES
Dutch Tavern
Formerly Bali Hai
New Castle Avenue & Rose Hill YES
Driftwood E. 4th Street
Eagle Cocktail Lounge 106 W. 10th Street
Eagles Nest Foxcroft Road & Skyline Drive YES
Electric Gramophone 2012 W. Newport Pike
Opened 1975 in a building that was once an A&P and afterwards, the Family Thrift Store
Embers 1208 Market Street
English Grill 913 Market Street YES
Executive Inn
104 W. 9th Street YES
Fairview Inn Cedar & Marshall Streets YES
Fireside Crystal Beach
Fish 'N Shell Monroe Park Shopping Center YES
Flitch's Cafe 6 W. 4th Street YES
Freeway Inn 4020 Van Buren Street YES
Fun House Marcus Hook
Fulton House Concord Pike
Formerly Perry's Tavern, TallyHo
Gallagher's Cafe 100 N. Franklin Street
Galuccio's Lovering Avenue YES
Garfinkel's 212 King Street YES
Gay 90's 3614 Kirkwood Highway
George's Cafe 1535 W. 4th Street
George's Rt. 40, Elkton YES
George's Next Door Delaware Avenue YES
Gloryland Park Rt 40 @ Porter Road YES
Golden Slipper Pennell & Dutton's Mill Road YES
Goldies Tavern Front Street
Goody's Union Street
Green Tavern 1707 Delaware Avenue YES
Green Tree Tavern 22nd & Market Streets YES
Greenery Too Kennett Pike & Buck Road YES
Hagee's Tavern YES
Hanks 2nd & Madison Streets
Hermine's 706 Delaware Avenue YES
Hideaway Lounge 2619 Ebright Road YES
Hiltex Liquor's 304 Market Street YES
Hilltop Inn Lancaster Pike & PA. state line
Hi-Ho Tavern 2 W. Market Street, Newport
Hi-Way Inn Gov. Printz Blvd
Holiday Room 8th & King Street
Hotel Adams
Holly Oak Liquors 1706 Philadelphia Pike YES
Buggy Tavern 1705 Marsh Road YES
Horne's Crown Room 1110 S. College Avenue, Neward YES
Hotel Olivere 7th & Shipley Streets YES
IGO Inn 28th & Market Streets
Independence Inn Independence, Concord Pike YES
Inferno Lounge 3031 New Castle Avenue YES
J.P. Ward Lincoln Street near Gilpin Avenue YES
J.P.'s Place 3001 Naaman's Creek Road
Formerly The Mill (q.v.)
Jackson Inn Lancaster Pike & DuPont Rd Yes
Jay's Liquor Store
Mrs. Catherine Jablonski
417 Maryland Avenue YES
Jefferson Inn 450 Moores Lane YES
Jimmie's Cafe 3050 New Castle Avenue YES
Joe Remedio's
Turfman's Inn
5th & Jackson Streets YES
John's Cafe 10 Maryland Avenue
Johnny's Cafe 215 N. Van Buren Street YES
Kelly's Logan House Delaware Avenue & DuPont Street
Opened 1864
Kent Manor Inn US Rt. 13 & Rodgers Road Editing
Kenyon's 206 Market Street YES
Kilroy's 4th & Regis Streets
Kings Tavern 12th & King Streets YES
Krajewski Liquors 500 Marylans Avenue
Kreston Liquor Mart 904 Concord Avenue YES
L & M Lounge
La Guitar Blu Rt. 40, New Castle YES
Logan's Run 218 Maryland Avenue
LuJo's 14 E. 2nd Street YES
Madison House 701 Madison Street, 1963-
Major's Distributing Company 804 Lincoln Street
Martin's 14th & Scott Streets YES
Marty's Tavern Lancaster Avenue & Franklin Street
Mary's (Mary Crumlish Harmon) 3rd & Clayton Streets
Mary's Marcus Hook
Maximillian's 3001 Naaman's Creek Road
Formerly J.P.'s Place (q.v.)
Max Keil's Tavern & Liquor Store 300-302 E. 4th Street
Opened in 1904, closed in mid-1930's when Wilmington Plate Glass company moved in.
Meyers Liquors Stanton
Michael's Night Club Marsh & Naamans Roads
Monroe Stop 2nd & Monroe Streets
Moorish Room 102 French Street
Located in the Grande Hotel, opposite the PRR Train Station
Mr. T's Rt. 202, PA.
Mulrine's Liquor Store 1701 Concord Pike YES
Murphy's (Men only) 5th & Orange Streets
Nardo's Cocktail Lounge 107 W. 7th Street YES
National Liquors 215 Market Street YES
Neil Blair's Package Store Lancaster Avenue & Union Street YES
Newark Liquor Mart E. Main Street, Newark
New Garden Cafe 5th & Church Streets YES
Nigro's 106 E. 3rd Street
Later, Mulroony's
Elsmere Editing
O'Friel's Irish Pub (1981-2001) 706 Delaware Avenue YES
Odyssey Nite Club Possum Park Mall
Old Mill Rt #1 and Rt #202
On And Off Bar Chester
Oscar's 703 Market Street YES
Packet Alley Pub Ramada Inn, Rt. 13 & I-295 YES
Pala's Cafe 701 N. Union Street Editing
Palm Garden 100 block W. Orange Street
Park Restaurant 3 Winston Avenue, Richardson Park YES
Parkway Lounge DuPont Highway
Paul's 7th & Washington Streets
Perrys Tavern Rt. 202 & Naamans Road
See Tally-Ho
Pink Panther 841 Tatnall Street YES
Pipe Dream New Castle County Airport
Pompeii New Castle
Powder Mill Kennett Pike YES
Practical Farmer North Market Street
Prime Times 15 Presbury Square, Newark YES
Printz Garden 3806 Governor Printz Boulevard YES
Pulsation's Nightclub Route 1, Glen Mills, PA
Opened 1983, closed in 1995
Demolished in 1997
Pump House Penny Hill
Punch Bowl 312 E. 8th Street
Raceway Liquors Naamans Road YES
Ragan's Tavern Browntown Editing
Rainbow Room Hotel Rodney YES
Raniszewski Tavern 720 N. Church Street
Red Barn, The 4200 Kirkwood Highway YES
Red Lantern Rt. 13, Black Cat YES
Redwood Room
Panco's Restaurant & Lounge
101 Vandever Avenue YES
Reflections Possum Park, Newark YES
Remedio's Glass Bar Lancaster Avenue & Clayton Street YES
Renai's Tavern
Roadside Inn
ROAM Lounge & Dance Club (1991-2001)
Upstairs from The Shipley Grill
Shipley Street
Roland's Cafe 1801 Lancaster Avenue
Rollo's Du Pont Highway, Minquadale YES
Rolling Park Liquors 7010 Governor Printz Boulevard YES
Romel's Fairfax Shopping Center
Ronnie's Penns Grove, NJ YES
Rosbrow's 317 Market Street YES
Royal Exchange Branmar Plaza
Pike Creek Valley, Rt. 7
Round Table 12th & Market Streets
Roxy Tavern 1244 E. 14th Street YES
Sal's Tavern Lancaster & Ford Avenues
Sans Souci 1400 block King Street YES
Santa Fe Bar & Grill Fairfax Shopping Center
Schaeffer's MD
Schult's Tavern 450 Moores Lane YES
Scratch Magoo's Trolley Square
Season's Change Rt 202, Concord Pike YES
Selvaggio's 7th & Tatnell Streets
Shamrosk Cafe 218 W. 4th Street YES
Sherbokow Package Store 617-1/2 7th Street
Shipley Grill 805 Shipley Street YES
Shorty's Beer Garden Front & Jackson Streets
Silverside Liquors Foulk Road
Slip Mahoney's 2667 Kirkwood Highway, 1996-2001
Spartan Lounge
Kent Manor Inn
DuPont Parkway
Spinning Wheel Tavern Gov. Printz Blvd.
Spruce Cafe & Night Club 801 Spruce Street YES
St. Regis Cafe 11 E. 4th Street YES
Stanley's Tavern Grubb & Foulk Roads YES
Steve's Tavern 1204 Centerville Road Editing
Stone Balloon E. Main Street YES
Stone Step Inn Lancaster Pike & PA. state line
Stoney's Rt. 202
Sugar Shack Route 40, Glasgow YES
T-Bar MacDade Blvd
Talamo's Tavern 607 N. Lincoln Street YES
Tally-Ho Rt. 202 & Naamans Road YES
Terranova's Tavern
Tessies Tavern
The Alley Union Street YES
The Cellar 711 Market Street Mall YES
The Club Rt. 40, Glasgow YES
The Dugout Kirkwood Highway
The Mill 3001 Naaman's Creek Road
Later became J.P. Place (q.v.)
The Other Side 5623 Concord Pike YES
The Penn Rose 4218 Market Street YES
The Place To Be Marsh & Naamans Roads YES
The Plaid Room 803 N. Union Street YES
The Sulky Lancaster & Ford Avenues YES
The Tree House 14th & Scott Streets YES
Tiffany Cocktail Lounge Brandywine Hilton YES
Tigani's Liquors 1302 Washington Street YES
Toll House Liquers Lancaster & Cleveland Avenues
Tonik's Cafe 1932-34-36 West 6th Street YES
Tony's Cafe 400 block Madison Street
Tony Gees 2415 Kirkwood Highway YES
Triangle Liquors E. Cleveland & N. Chapel Street, Newark
Tripple Nickle
Trudies Liquor's
Turf Club Marcus Hook YES
Turf Club Tavern Bear, DE YES
Up The Creek East 7th Street Editing
Van's 11th Street
Village Inn Middletown, DE YES
Wagon Wheel Bar Terminal Hotel
Walton's Beer Garden Conrad & Union Streets
J. P. Wards. Inc. Lincoln Street @ Delaware Avenue/Gilpin Avenue YES
Warsaw Inn 5th & Church Streets YES
Washington Street Ale House 12th & Washington Streets
Formerly Knucklehead's Saloon, 1991-1993
Welcome Inn Maryland Avenue
White Eagle 4th & Pine Streets
White Oak Park New Castle, DE YES
Wilmington Liquor Company Delaware Avenue & West Street YES
Winners Circle 2310 Concord Pike YES
Woodside Inn 2646 Frazer Road, Glasgow YES
Yetter's Claymont YES
Ye Old Pub 1003 Tatnall St
Ye Olde Tavern 2223 N. Market Street YES
Ziggy's Tavern 501 E. 4th Street

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