Movie Theaters & Drive-Ins

Name Address/Comments Photo(s)
Movie Theater Ads January 25, 1960 YES
Movie Theater Ads 3/18/1952, Mid-1950s, November 1947, 10/16/1938 YES
Movie Theater Ads July 1, 1951 and October 14, 1959 YES
Movie Theater Ads July 29, 1983 YES
11th Ward Theatre Maryland Avenue & Beech Streets, 1906-1907 YES
Academy of Music/Avenue Theater 225 West 10th Street (10th & Tatnall Streets)
Opened in 1886. In 1914, the building was demolished after another fire.
During its life, other names were "Wilmington Theater", (1901)
The "Empire", (1912)
Ace Theater Originally the Polonia Hall/Theater (405-407 Maryland Avenue), q.v.
In 1923, the Polonia, q.v., relocated to 305-307 Maryland Avenue and renamed to The Avenue, q.v.
In 1936, the name was changed to the Ace Theater
In 1963, the building inspector, after years of neglect, closed the theater
After repairs were made, the theater opened and changed the name to Capri Art, q.v.
The theater closed in 1970.
Aldine Theater 806-810 Market Street (1921-1941)
Loew's Aldine Theater (1941-1970), q.v.
Demolished in 2000 after several attempts to save it
Arcadia 510 Market Street (1921-1956)
Demolished in 1963
Auditorium 704 W. 11th Street
Operated for one year as a theater, in 1898
In the 1940a, McMahon Brothers Furniture store located there
Avenue Theater 307 Maryland Avenue YES
Bijou 410 Market Street, 1906-1916 YES
Branmar Cinema Marsh & Silverside Roads, closed 2000 YES
Capri Art 307 Maryland Avenue YES
Castle Mall Twin Theaters: King, Queen, Mall 1 and Mall 2 Castle Mall, Chestnut Hill Road & South Chapel Street, Newark, 1971-1991 YES
Chestnut Hill Cinema Newark, closed 2000
Christiana Mall I & II Later, with five screens, closed 2002
Even later, GCC Christiana Mall, twelve screens appeared in 2014
Cinemagic 5 Tri-State Mall Naamans Road & I-95, Claymont
Cinemark Movies 10 First State Plaza, DE 4, Stanton
Cinema 141 Centerville Road, Elsmere
Cinema Center Newark Shopping Center, 1963-2000
First opened with one screen then expanded to three
Reopened 2000 under new ownership, only to close again in 2016.
New owners remodeled the theater and opened in 2017
Cine~Mart Governor Printz Boulevard YES
Concord Mall 2 Concord Pike, Brandywine Hundred, closed 2000
Connell Street Music Hall 224 Connell Street, 1908-1914
West End Theater, 1914-1916
Crest Theater Maryland Avenue & Boxwood Road (1942-1960) YES
Earle Theater 5th & Delaware Streets, New Castle
Opened 1941, closed in 1977
Edge Moor Theater Governor Printz Boulevard (Had a Smoking Section) (1941-1980) YES
Elk Theater 223 North Street, Elkton, Maryland
Opened mid-1930, closed in 1972 and reopened in 1973
Elkton Movies 4 The Village at Elkton, Rt 40, Elkton
Eric I, Eric II Tri-State Mall *
Garrick 828-830 Market Street
Opened in 1903 for Vaudeville
Motion pictures began in 1924 and closed in 1930
Grand Opera House
Grand Theater, 1930
818 Market Street (1871, Restored in 1976)
Warner Brothers became the new management in 1930
Hopkins Moving Picture Theater 1003 Orange Street, 1911-1914
Hopkins Theater 820 French Street (1951-1965) YES
Hyrup Amusement Company Nickelodeon 411 Market Street, 1906-1914 YES
King, Castle Mall
Liberty Theater 1207 Apple Street, 1921-1922
Loew's Theater Delaware Avenue & Adams Street
Previously, Parkway Theater, (1921-1931), q.v.
Subsequently, Ritz Theater, (1941-1962), q.v.
Loew's Aldine Theater 806-810 Market Street, 1941-1970
Previously, Aldine Theater, 1921-1941, q.v.
Lyric 220-222 Market Street, 1908-1982
Later, New Lyric, 1914
Rialto, 1934-1982, q.v.
Majestic 703½ Market Street, 1911-1927
Bought by Warner Brothers, 1925
Manor Theater DuPont Boulevard, Wilmington Manor YES
National Theater 810-812 French Street (1916-1951) YES
Nickelodeon 515-517 Market Street, 1907-1967
Bought by Warner Brothers, 1925
Later, Savoy, 1908, q.v.
Towne, 1950, q.v.
Palace 117 Market Street, 1909-1914
Star, 1911
Park Theater 305 Union Street
Opened in 1920, closed in 1967 and sold to the Revival Fellowship Church
Parkway Theater Delaware Avenue & Adams Street (1921-1931)
Loew's Theater (1931-1941), q.v.
Ritz Theater (1941-1962), q.v.
Pickwick 504 Market Street, 1908-1919 YES
Pike Theater 3700 Philadelphia Pike
1953, remodeled for the location of the Bible Baptist Tabernacle
Playhouse Ten Hundred Block Market Street, 1913
Listed under "Music"
Polonia Hall/Theater Original location 405-407 Maryland Avenue, 1915-1923
Relocated to 305-307 Maryland Avenue and changed the name to The Avenue, q.v.
Queen Theater 500 Market Street (1915-1959) #1 #2 #3 #4
Regal Brandywine 16 US 202 & Naamans Road
Regal Peoples 13 Peoples Plaza, Glasgow, Rt 896 & US 40
Rex 708-710 Lincoln Street, 1914-1917
Rialto Theater 220-222 Market Street (1918-1982)
originally Lyric Theater, q.v. and later, Rialto Art, q.v.
Ritz Theater 1941-1962, originally the Parkway Theater, q.v. YES
Savoy Theater 515-517 Market Street (1908-1950)
Originally the Nickelodeon (1907-1908), q.v.
The Towne, (1950-1967), q.v.
Shellpot Park Foot of Penny Hill, 1897-1917
State Theater 39 E. Main Street, Newark
Strand 2412 Market Street (1920-1952) YES
Towne Theater 515-517 Market Street (1950-1967)
Originally the Nickelodeon (1907-1908), q.v.
Savoy, (1908-1950), q.v.
Triangle Mall Twin Theaters Cinema 1 & Cinema 2, Rt. 273 & Churchman's Road YES
Tri-State Mall Theater Naamans Road & I-95, Claymont
Victoria 836 Market Street, 1914-1920 YES
Victory 1715 W. 4th Street, 1920-1929
Later, Hunt's Theater, 1923
Broadway, 1926
Warner 210 W. 10th Street (1939-1977) #1 #2
Wonderland Music Theater 7th & Shipley Streets, 1896-1903
Opened in 1896 by veteran theater manager W. L. Dockstader.
In 1903, Dockstader closed the Wonderland when he constructed and opened the Garrick Theater at 828-830 Market Street, q.v.
Brandywine Drive-In DuPont Highway (July, 1949-1955)
Ellis Drive-In, (1955-1977), q.v.

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Elkton Drive-In Rt 40 (Elkton, MD) (1950-1985) YES
Ellis Drive-In DuPont Highway (1955-1977)
Brandywine Drive-In, (July, 1949-1955), q.v.

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Kerry Drive-In 28th Street & Governor Printz Boulevard
NEXT to the Wilmington Ball Park (1951-1961)
Naamans Drive-In Naamans Road (1968-1987)
First Drive-In in the United States to offer "Air Conditioning"
Newark Drive-In 300 Cleveland Avenue (1969-)
The drive-in started out with one screen then added two more in the early 1980s
Pleasant Hill Drive-In Newport Pike (1950-1982) YES
Prices' Corner Drive-In Centerville Road (1962-1979) YES
Rt. 202 Drive-In Concord Pike, Rt 202, 1954- YES

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