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  • 7-Up Plant, Philadelphia Pike & Harvey Road
  • ACME Coal Yard, 2nd Street & Greenhill Avenue
  • Admiral Fuel
  • Artic Roofing
  • Allied Kid Co., 6th & Madison Streets
  • Arthur Murray's Dance Studio
  • Joseph Bancroft & Sons Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co., Bulletin, Nov. 1945
  • Bellanca Aircraft
  • Benjamin Shaw Co.
  • Blumenthals, Adams Street
  • Bond Crown & Cork
  • Brosius & Smedley Lumber Yard (later Brosius & Eliasons), 1300 block Union Street
  • Caspers Junk Yard
  • Calverita Cheese Imports
  • Cella Leather Company, 2nd & King Streets
  • Charles Printing, 508 Orange Street
  • Chrysler Tank Corp.
  • City Cab Company
  • Claymont Steel, Pheonix Steel, Worth Steel now CitySteel
  • Clemente's Bus Station
  • Coke-Cola Plant, Lancaster Avenue & Ford/Grey Avenues
  • Container Corp. of America
  • Continental Can Co.
  • Continental Trailways
  • Curtis Paper
  • Delmar News Agency
  • DelMarVa Brewing Co., 506 DuPont Street
  • Diamond Cab Company
  • Diamond Ice & Coal Company
    • Ice House, 700 Block Windsor Street, destroyed by fire ~1959
  • Diamond Printing, Front & Tatnall Streets
  • Diamond State Brewery
  • Doeskin Products
  • Dravo Corp.
  • Electric Hose & Rubber
  • Elmer E. Potts Battery Co.
  • Fierro's Cheese, Union Street
  • Gallo Trucking Co.
  • Harlan Hollingsworth Co.
  • J. E. Workman HVAC, 1316 Union Street
  • Jessup & Moore Mills
  • Jackson & Sharp Co.
  • Kruger Brewery, 506 N. DuPont Street
  • Ludlow Mfg.
  • Majors Beer Distributor
  • McCardell Desco
  • Mundorph's Beverage Plant, 30th & Market Streets
  • Newark Transit Company, 203 E. Street
  • NVF Co.
  • Oberly Brick Co., 36th & Broom Streets
  • O'Neals Bus Service
  • Park Cab Company, Richardson Park
  • Paschal's Lumber Yard & Oil, Gov. Printz Blvd & Holly Oak Road
  • Phillips Coal Yard, Chestnut Street & Maryland Avenue
  • Ploeners Junk Yard, S. Walnut Street
  • Poppiti's Bank, Howland & Lincoln Streets
  • Pottocks's Junk Yard, Thatcher Street & Gov. Printz Blvd.
  • Pusey & Jones Shipbuilders, Front & Church Streets
  • Pyrites Company
  • Ralston Purina Corp.
  • Rizzo's Soda Company
  • Rhoads, J. E. & Co.
  • Ronson Company, 273 & I-95, now Sears Warehouse and earlier, DuPont Eagle Run Site
  • Sayer Brother's Company (History)
  • Slaughter house, Lincoln Street
  • Speakman Industry
  • Star Printing, Foot of Justison Street
  • Stokes Garage, Elsmere
  • Suburban Auto Parts
  • Swift's Restaurant Supplies
  • Uncle Ben's Soda Water Company
  • Wilmington Drug Company, 4th & Broom Streets
  • Wilmington Finishing Company
  • Wilmington Floral Supply, Church Street
  • Wilmington Hosiery Mills, 5th & Monroe Streets
  • Wilmington Rug Cleaners and their white truck
  • Wilmington Sash & Door Co.
  • Wilmington Supply, Maryland Avenue
  • Worth Steel
  • Yellow Cab Company

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Electric Hose & Rubber

Electric Hose & Rubber

Chrysler Tank Corporation, Newark

Chrysler Tank Corporation, Newark

Hilles-Jones Company

Speakman Industry

Speakman Industry

Jessup-Moore Paper Company

Lobdell Car Wheel Company

Morgan Millwork Company


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Pusey & Jones Corporation

Pusey & Jones Corporation
(Submitted by O. Haugen)



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Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co.

Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co., Bulletin
Nov. 1945

(Submitted by L. Montoro)

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Local Family/Owner Business History

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Sayer Bros. Co, Est. 1895
18th & Market St, on the Brandywine across from the Waterworks.
Dry Cleaners, Launderers, Fur Storage, Tailoring and Linen Supply

Mid to late 50's added Linen Supply which became their main business growing into the largest linen supply business in Delaware supplyng linens for accounts such as The Dupont Hotel and Dover Air Force Base.

Five brothers (all deceased) owned and ran the business until they sold their 'National Historic' property in the early'80's to a developer who developed the buildings and grounds into condominiums. I believe the main building was originally a flour mill.

The brothers; Alvin,Coleman, Leon, Maynard, and Paul Sayer were the sons of Anna and William H. Sayer who started the company as a tailor shop at the corner of 18th and Market St.  At some point "the plant" building and outbuildings were purchased by William H. and housed a laundry, dry cleaning, fur and clothing storage vault and the linen supply. The fur vault was quite large and kept quite cold and was trumpeted as the largest in the state of Delaware.

During it's heydays of the 50's, 60's and 70's, Sayer Bros. employed well over 100 employees and it's fleet of approximately 20-30 yellow trucks with the black oval Sayer Bros. logo emboldened on the side could be seen scurrying about the streets of the city and its developing suburbs.

Provided by Dr.William H. Sayer


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