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A Visit to Wilmington in the New Century
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Three photos of the 9th Street Bridge construction and the new Pedestrian Bridge crossing the old B&O tracks leading to the new
Wilmington Public Library Branch (which was the old 9th Street Motor Vehicle Inspection Lane) (September, 2006)

The old Bordon Ice Cream Plant, N. Market Street (September, 2006)

Two views of the I-95 Bridge where it crosses the Brandywine at Brandywine Park (September, 2006)

'Monkey Hill' Road and the Van Buren Street Bridge at Brandywine Park (September, 2006)

The Washington Street Bridge and the Bringhurst Fountain, Brandywine Park (September, 2006)

The 'Monkey House' (September, 2006)

The old John Wanamaker Store, Augustine Cut-Off (September, 2006)

The old 'Penny Hill Doughnut' Store (September, 2006)

After having been closed for many years, The Rockford Tower was reopened in 2002 after reconstruction.
The observation deck is open on the weekends, May 1 to October 31.

GO HERE to view the Rockford Park Page

Three photos of Christiana Park (May, 2006)

The Josephine (Tatnall Smith) Fountain, Brandywine Park (September, 2006)


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