Wilmington, Delaware Yesterday

A Visit to Wilmington Before 1975

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I-95 Construction, South from 5th Street, 1965 (Elevated supports in place) I-95 Construction, South from 10th Street, 1965 (Before excavation began along Adams & Jackson Streets).  DP&L gas tank in background (2 photos from HAR personal collection)

Diamond State Brewery, 5th Street, between Adams & Jackson Streets (Now I-95) Sent in by John Medkeff) Courtesy of the Historical Society of Delaware

600 block Springer Street in 'The Flats' (1945) 600 block Springer Street in 'The Flats' (1945) (2 photos from HAR personal collection)

600 Block Springer Street, 'The Flats' (1945 The Flats maintenance garages, 6th & Ferris Streets (1945) (2 photos from HAR personal collection)

Two views of Hoopes Dam (1960) (2 photos from HAR personal collection)

Wilmington Dry Goods, 4th & Market Streets (1960)
Courtesy of the Historical Society of Delaware

National Guardsmen on duty at 4th & Market Streets during the riot of 1968 (Submitted by Joe Gardner)

Pony Photographer Photo (1945) (HAR personal collection) Pony Photographer Photo (1945) (Sent in by J. Kelley)

Round House at Delmore Park (~1960's) (Sent in by Joe Gardner) DuPont Building, 1910, 10th Street toward Market (submitted by Jim West, Chester, Pa)

Old Dravo Shipyard, 1960's South Wilmington, Dravo Shipyard area, 1940's

South Wilmington, Christina River with the 2 DP&L black gas tanks, 1940's

WAMS Radio, 1380, contest car, 1970's (Submitted by Dave Ziegler)

8th & Market Streets (1950's).  The overhead trolley wires showing where the #8 turned West.
Also, the Christmas lights are displayed.

A parade on Market Street (1950's)


Left: Main Street, Newark (1950's)
Right: South Wilmington (1950's)

Delaware Trust 'Tower' under construction


Left: Wilmington Dry Goods Company, 4th & Market Streets, 1960
Right: WDG, 1st floor, right entrance, 1960

WDG, 1st floor, rear, 1960

WDG, basement Curtain Department, 1960

Wilmington Police Department members marching in the Memorial Day Parade, 1955.
The policemen are L to R:  Lyle Diffendefer; George Fuller; James Wimble; William Gibson;
Norwood Merritt; Ed Sylwestrzuk; Francis Choma; Pat Pleasanton (behind the Sgt.);
Ed Boulware; Gerald Mackey.  Sgt. Desmond is in command.
Click on the photo for a larger view - do you know anyone?
It was a bright, sunny day and, while you can not see the turning overhead trolley wires -
you can see their shadow on the blacktop.
Thanks to Keith Sylwestrzuk for this photo - his dad is 6th officer from the left and,
to Carol Gibson Illingworth for providing the names - her father is 4th from the left.


Left: B&O Railroad Station - Kiamensi, 1930's
Right: Duncan Road Trolley stop, 1930's

Old Capitol Trail Service Station, 1930's (Above three photos submitted by Kelley Connell)

A photo of a Shipside building, 1930's (Photo provided by Mickey Pulley)


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