Restaurants, Diners, Cafe's, Grills & Inns

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1101 Restaurant 1101 West Street Yes
5 O'Clock Diner 2nd Street
Ackie's Cafe 219 W. 8th Street Yes
Acropolis Diner Concord Pike Editing
Adolph's Cafe 506 Maryland Avenue Yes
Airport Inn
Alexander's Seafare Branmar Plaza Yes
Alfredo's 1200 block Market Street
The Alley Restaurant 1206 N. Union Street Yes
Alyson's Restaurant • Newark
• Kirkwood Highway
Alpine Room (aka Golden Greek Alpine Room)
Open 1956-1979
835 King Street Yes
American Bar & Grill 700 King Street
Anvil Inn Rt. 1, Kennett Square Yes
Ashby's Clam Bar 3801 Kennett Pike Yes
ATC (Air Transport Command) DuPont Hwy. Editing
B & G Restaurant, 1944
operated by Jack Green
3006 Governor Printz Boulevard
2110 New Road, Elsmere, 1951
B & O Lunch Counter 1600 Delaware Avenue Editing
Barn Door 845 Tatnall Street Yes
Barnaby's Seafood House Newark & Chadds Ford
Beeches Restaurant 748 E Chestnit Hill Road Yes
Bellevue In The Park
Bernie's Tavern 10 E. 2nd Street Yes
Berry's Governor Printz Blvd & Miller Road, Claymont Yes
Blue & Gold Restaurant
Blue Bore Inn Miller Road, Arden Yes
Blue Hen Restaurant 4th & Monroe Streets Yes
Blue Lantern Restaurant Kirkwood Hwy.
Blue Moon Restaurant 919 Orange Street Yes
Bomba's Buffet De-La-Warr Motel, DuPont Highway Yes
BonFire, The 10th & West Streets
Bourbon Street Cafè 105 Kirkwood Square, Kirkwood Highway Yes
Brandywine Brewing Company (2000-2001) Orange Street
Brandywine Diner Gov. Printz & Vandever Avenue Editing
Britts Pub 914 Orange Street (Lower level Copper Kettle) Yes
Brown Derby 7010 Covernor Printz Blvd Yes
Brownie's Tavern New Castle Avenue Yes
Buckley's Centerville Editing
Burgundy Grill 1330 King Street Yes
Burmingham Grill US Rts. 1 & 202
Cactus Bar & Grill 4723 Concord Pike Village Yes
Cafe Grande Opposite Pennsylvania Station Yes
Cafe Verdi 7A Trolley Square
Cafe Riviera Concord Mall
Captain's Log 114 Delaware Street, New Castle Yes
Casa Mia Concord Pike Yes
Catherine Rooney's Irish Pub & Restaurant 1616 Delaware Avenue
Cave, The 1700 W 14th Street Yes
Cedar Inn, Inc 2020 Naamans Road Editing
Central Restaurant 826 Market Street, a fire destroyed the building in 1961 Yes
Chadds Ford Inn US Rt. 1
Chadwick's Restaurant
1983-1984, open for 18 months
916 Orange Street
Chanticleer Restaurant 8th & Union Streets Yes
Charcoal Pit • Concord Pike, opened in 1956 and enlarged in 1957
• Boxwood Shopping Center, Maryland Avenue, 1959
• Pike Creek Bowling Center, 1988
• Route 40, Bear, Delaware, 1991
• Main Street, Newark, 2000
• Kirkwood Highway & Greenbank Road, 2000
Chef's Diner Champlain & Maryland Avenues Yes
Chicken Holiday 1112 New Road, Elsmere Yes
Christy's Restaurant US Rts. 1 & 202
Chuck Wagon • 4301 Kirkwood Highway, 1952-1982
Followed by:
• Remington's, 1987-1990
• Jordan's Restaurant, 1992-1993
• Zia's Pastaria, 1993-1994
• Italian Bistro, 1994-2007
• Applebee's Restaurant, 2008-current
Crystal Inn Graylyn Shopping Center, Marsh & Silverside Roads
Coach House 2606 Philadelphia Pike
Coach 'N Four 2605 Philadelphia Pike Yes
Coffee Shop, The 2605 Philadelphia Pike Yes
Columbus Inn 2216 Pennsylvania Avenue Editing
Colombo's 421 Shipley Street Yes
Colony House Concord Pike, Fairfax Shopping Center
Comegy's Oyster House 919 Shiplet Street Yes
Conley-Wards Riverfront
Constantino's House Of Beef 1300 block Delaware Avenue Editing
Copper Kettle • 204 W. 10th Street, owned by the Leounes family, opened in 1956. Later relocated to 916 Orange Street.
William Brittingham took over the business in 1977 but his business went bankrupt in 1982.
• Continental Shopping Center, DuPont Highway
Cosmos Diner Champlain & Maryland Avenues Yes
Country Girl Diner Front Street @ Maryland Avenue
The Country Girl Diner was moved in 1979 and
became the front section of the ChesDel Restaurant
on the north-bound US 13, just south of the
St. Georges Bridge.
Coyote Café 1801 Lancaster Avenue
C.R. Hooligan's 1616 Delaware Avenue
Crab Shack Du Pont Highway
Crab Shack US Rt. 40
Cross Roads Diner State Road
Crystal Inn Graylyn Shopping Center, Marsh & Silverside Roads Yes
Cully's 403 Philadelphia Pike Yes
D & L Seafood House 3734 Kirkwood Highway Yes
Dan Dee Restaurant 30th & Gov. Printz Blvd.
Davey Jones Locker 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue Yes
Deep Blue Bar & Grill Yes
Deer Head Hot Dogs • 621 Shipley Street (1935-1969)
• 703 Orange Street (1969-2001)
• 3301 Lancaster Pike, Cannery (1981-2010)
• 1902 W. 6th Street
• 3730 Kirkwood Highway
• 1011 S. College Avenue
• 204 W. 10th Street
• 620 Maryland Avenue (1964-)
• Dewey Beach
Deer Park Inn Newark Yes
Delaware Lunch 104 W 10th Street Editing
Del Grosso Restaurant 802 N. Union Street Yes
Delle Donne's Lancaster Avenue & Scott Street Yes
DelRose Restaurant
Deluxe Luncheonette E. Main Street, Newark
DiNardo's 4th & Lincoln Streets
Dino's Restaurant 217 W 9th Street Yes
Dog House • 1200-1202 DuPont Highway, opened 1952
• Concord Pike, opened 1964, closed 1979
Drummer's Table Price Bowling Lanes
Kirkwood Highway & Prices Corner
Duke's Christiana Mall Yes
Dutch Tavern 3125 New Castle Avenue Yes
Dutch Village Hare's Corner, New Castle Yes
Eagle Lounge 106 W. 10th Street Yes
Eagle Nest 9th & Shipley Streets
Eagle Restaurant 9th & Shipley Streets Yes
Earl's Diner Northeast Boulevard
Eclipse Restaurant 1020 N Union Street
Embassy Delicatessen 3 E. 4th Street Yes
Embers 1208 Market Street Yes
Ember's, The 1100 block King Street
English Grill 913 Market Street Editing
Embassy Lovering Avenue (see Gallucchio's)
Embassy Delicatessen 3 E. 4th Street Yes
Enright's Restaurant 605 Shipley Street Yes
Essex Restaurant • 8th & Orange Streets
• 219 W. 8th Street (relocated late 1980s)
Evergreen Tavern 703 Concord Avenue Yes
Evergreen Cafe, see 'Bernie's Tavern' 10 E. 2nd Street
Fagins Soda Grille 1701 Union Street Yes
Fairfax Restaurant Fairfax Shopping Center, Concord Pike Yes
Far East Restaurant 219 W 8th Street Yes
Far East Tea Garden 207 W 9th Street
Farmer 'N Dell Restaurant • 1800 Naamans Road, destroyed by fire to later become Alyson's, now a sport's gym
• US Rt. 202
• Price's Corner
• Rt. 40, Glasgow
First State Diner Front Street @ Maryland Avenue
Until the late 1950s, then it was the Country Girl Diner
The Country Girl Diner was moved in 1979 and became the front section of the ChesDel Restaurant on the north-bound US 13, just south of the St. Georges Bridge.
Five O'Clock Diner 10 W 2nd Steet
Fox Point Grille Lea Blvd.
Front Porch Restaurant Bellefonte
Frostop Drive-Inn Restaurant
Formerly Gibson's
1809 Kirkwood Highway Yes
Fulton House
Formerly Perry's Tavern
Concord Pike Yes
G&G (Gus & Gus) Restaurant 22nd & Market Streets
Gallucchio's Lovering Avenue (see Embassy) Editing
Gamiel Brothers 13 E 7th Street Yes
Garden Restaurant Union Street at 2nd Street Yes
Gateway Restaurant DuPont Highway Yes
Gene's Cafe 105 W 7th Street Yes
George's Next Door Delaware Avenue
Gepetto's Restaurant Broom Street & Maryland Avenue Yes
Gerardo's Pizza Restaurant • 111 W. 8th Street, opened 1983
• 114 N. Union Street
Gerardo's Pizza Restaurant 104-106 N. Union Street Yes
Gina's 2209 Concord PIke, Fairfax
Giordano's Restaurant 114 N. Union Street
Glasgow Arms Restaurant Rts. 896 & 40 Yes
Golden Point Kirkwood Highway
Govatos 8th & Market Street Yes
Governor Printz Diner 7901 Governor Printz Boulevard
Governor Printz Inn Governor Printz Boulevard, Claymont
Grecian Diner U.S. 13, south of Hares Corner
Green Room, The
The Pappas Hotel
5 E 4th Street Yes
Grill Room, Hotel du Pont Yes
Ground Round Restaurant Phila. Pike & Clearview Avenue
H. A. Winston Independence Mall
Elkton Road, Newark
Hank's Place Rt. 40
Harmony Cafe 5 E 4th Street Yes
Harvest House Concord Mall Yes
Harvey's Diner Champlain & Maryland Avenues Yes
Haywood's Restaurant 20th & Market Streets
Hearns Restaurant 2008 Market Street Editing
Hein's Plaid Room
Hosted by the Hein brothers, formerly of The Black Cat
803 N Union Street Yes
Helen's Cafe 200 block E. Front Street
Helen's Cafe Chestnut & Van Buren Sts.
Helen's Sausage House US Route 13 Yes
Hickory House DuPont Highway Yes
Hob Tea Room Delaware Trust Building Yes
Holiday Inn 1843 Marsh Road Yes
Holly Oak House 1312 Philadelphia Pike Yes
Hollywood Diner Concord Avenue and Market Street
Later moved to U.S. 40 between Glasgow and Elkton, MD
Holts Quick Lunch 5 E. 4th Street Yes
Horn & Hardarts Restaurant Merchandise Mart Yes
Horne's Buffet 1110 S college Avenue & Rt 896 Yes
Hotel DuPont Cafeteria Hotel DuPont Yes
Hotel Olivere 7th & Shipley Streets Editing
Hotel Rodney 12th & Market Streets Yes
Howard Johnson's Gov. Printz Blvd.
Hughie McCorkle's 8 E 2nd Street Yes
Hugo's Inn Kennett Square
Hummingbird to Mars 1616 Delaware Avenue
Hunter Cafeteria Delaware Trust Bldg.
Hunter's Den Kirkwood Highway Editing
Ibach's 1801 W. 14th Street Editing
Ideal Diner 4 E 4th Street
Il Pescatore 1450 Kirkwood Highway
Imperial Inn Concord Pike
Inn, The 2020 Naamans Road Editing
Ivystone Restaurant
Ivy Tea Room John Wanamaker's
Jack Lundy's Satellite Room Miller Road Shopping Center Editing
Jackie Horner's Cafe 631 Jefferson Street Yes
Jackson Inn
Previously, Conestoga Inn, aka, "Two-Mile Inn"
101 DuPont Road Yes
Jasmine Restaurant 3618 Concord Pike
Jay Hurley's Cafe Continental 3031 New Castle Avenue Yes
Jerry's Kirkwood Inn Kirkwood Highway & Newport Gap Pike Yes
Jimmie's Cafe 3050 New castle Avenue Yes
Jimmy's Diner Main Street, Newark
Joe Remedio's Turfman's Inn 5th & Jackson Streets Yes
John L's Cafe S. Heald Street
Johnny's Cafe 215 N Van Buren Street
Johnson's Tea Room Marsh Road Yes
Katie's Restaurant 6th & Scott Streets Editing
Kelley's St. George's
Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurant Concord Pike
Kent Manor Inn US Rt. 13 & Rodgers Road Editing
Kid Sheleens 1801 W. 14th Street
Kings Inn, Harry's Savoy 2020 Naamans Road Editing
Kirkwood Kitchen Meadowood Shopping Center, Kirkwood Highway
Kooma 400 Justison Street
Kozy Korner Restaurant Delaware Avenue & Washington Street Editing
Kozy Korner Restaurant 906 Union Street
La-Guitar-Blu Rt 40, Bear Yes
Lamberti's Cucina • 1300 Centerville Road
• 514 Philadelphia Pike
Lambros Continental Gardens, Phidelphia Pike & Harvey Road Yes
Lamplighter's Inn 44th & Market Streets Yes
LaRocca Italian Restaurant Fairfax Shopping Center
Lenape Inn Rt 52, Pennsylvania Yes
Leoune's Town Talk 100 block 11th Street
Linden Grill Linden & Jackson Streets
Little Anthony's 729 Philadelphia Pike Yes
Lloyd's 701 Monroe Street Yes
Logan House Delaware Avenue Yes
Lone Star Steakhouse 113 S DuPont Highway Yes
Longhorn Ranch Restaurant US Rt. 1, Glen Mills, PA Yes
Lucilles Restaurant 3000 Market Street Yes
Lum's Diner Kirkwood Hwy.
Lynnhaven Inn US Rts. 13/40 Editing
M & M Restaurant, Inc. New Castle County Airport
Madeline's Restaurant 531 N. DuPont Street
Marconi's 1900 Lancaster Avenue
Marina's Italian Restaurant Merchants Square
Martelli's Italian Restaurant Branmar Plaza
Martin's Steak House 14th & Scott Streets Editing
Mascagni Restaurant 219 W 7th Street Editing
McSpaddens Bar-B-Q Restaurant Kirkwood Hwy
McSpaddens Restaurant 1101 Philadelphia Pike Editing
Memories Restaurant 4712 Limestone Road, Pike Creek Shopping Center
Mendenhall Inn Rt. 52
Merrie House Tri-State Mall
Michaels' Restaurant Stanton
Midtown Grill E. 4th Street
Mitchell's Restaurant Market Street at 2nd Street
Monferoni's Sandwich Shop 1208 Market Street
Moorish Room Editing
Moro 1307 N Scott Street
Mr. Pizza Family Affair Restaurant • Chesmar Plaza, Chestnut Hill & Marrows Roads
• Mr. Pizza, 4553 Kirkwood Highway, Chestnut Hill Shopping Center
Mr. T's Restaurant Rt 202, Concordville, PA
Mrs. Robino's
See Robino's Restaurant
Naaman Stone Inn Faulk & Naaman's Roads Yes
Naaman's Tea House (Robinson House) Naaman's Road & Philadelphia Pike Yes
New Garden Cafe 5th & Church Streets Yes
Newport Diner 103 W Market Street, Newport
Newport Restaurant Greystone Plaza, Newport
New Star Front & King Streets
New York Fish Market & Oyster Bar • 835 King Street
• 803-805 N. Union Street
New York Restaurant 408-410 N. Market Street #1 #2 #3
Niblicks Rt 141 & Faulkland Road, Chestnut Run Shopping Center Yes
Nobis Cafeteria 2 E 9th Street Yes
Old Admiral's Inn 2020 Naamans Road Editing
Old Courthouse Tea Room The Green, New castle
Oliver's Restaurant Holiday Inn, Rt 273
Olympia Café
Damaged by a fire in 1951
5 E. 4th Street
Olympia Restaurant 125 Market Streets
Oscar's Restaurant 703 Market Street
Pagoda By The Kumquat Tree Branmar Plaza Shopping Center, Marsh & Silverside Roads
Pala's Cafe' 701 N. Union Street Editing
Pantalone's Meadowoos Inn 2628 Capitol Trail
Pantalone's Restaurant 802 Newport Pike (Silview), Newport
Pantano's 802 Newport Pike (Silview), Newport
Pantry Restaurant Philadelphia Pike, Claymont
Pappy's Pizza Restaurants • 2722 Concord Pike
• Cleveland Avenue, Newark
• Kirkwood Highway
Park Grill Wawaset & VanBuren Streets
Parkway Lounge DuPont Highway
Penn Restaurant Penn Mart Shopping Center, Basin Road
Pennrose 42nd & Market Streets
Pepe's Pizza
Peter Pan Diner 201 DuPont Hwy Editing
Peterson's House of Fudge Rt. 202, Talleyville
Picciotti's Restaurant 3001 Lancaster Avenue (1985-1997)
Picciotti's Restaurant 1641 W. 4th Street
Closed in 1985 and relocated to 3001 Lancaster Avenue
The original location became "Jon B's"
Pillars Inn 2605 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont
Pineroom 7th & King Streets
Pike Restaurant Claymont
Pink Elephant 8th & Union Streets
Plaid Room 803 N. Union Street
Ponderosa Grille Tri-State Mall, I-95 & Naamans Road
Poor Richards Inn 1601 Concord Pike
Port Penn Inn
Post House Restaurant • 1722 Pennsylvania Avenue
• 105 N Union Street
• 43rd & Market Streets
• 145 E Main Street, Newark
Powder Mill, The Kennett Pike, Greenville
Presto Restaurant 817 Market Street
4th & Shipley Streets
Printz Diner Governor Pritz Boulevard
Ranch House Concord Pike
Rainbow Grill
Rainbow Room Hotel Rodney, Market Street Yes
Red Barn Kirkwood Hwy - destroyed by fire - now Best Buys
Remedio's 1801 Lancaster Avenue Yes
Red Lantern Inn Rt. 13, Black Cat Yes
Richard's 57 Elkton Road, Newark Yes
Ristorante Mona Lisa 607 N Lincoln Street Yes
Ritz Restaurant 206 W 10th Street Yes
Robino's Restaurant 520 N Union Street Editing
Rose Ann Luncheonette 703 Concord Avenue
Rose Hill Inn
Formerly Brownie's Tavern
New Castle Avenue Yes
Rose's Diner
Royal Oak Opposite the Black Cat Yes
Royal Diner S. Market and D Streets
Ryon's Restaurant 706 King Street Yes
Sambo's Restaurant 198 DuPont Highway, New Castle
Sam's Restaurant Concord Avenue & Jefferson Street
Sansone's Oyster Bar 304 N. Union Street Editing
Santa Fe Grill 190 E Main Street, Newark
Savoy Restaurant 4 W 5th Street Editing
Schrafft's Restaurant I-95 & Rt 273
Scotty's Restaurant 837 Orange Street
Scuba Restaurant 916 Orange Street
Seafood Shanty Centerville Road
Shamrock Room Lord De La Warr Hotel, DuPont Highway
Shanrock Room Lord De La Warr Hotel, DuPont Haghway & Memorial Drive
Shellhamer's University Plaza, Newark
Sherwood Diner (1960's)
In the 1950's, it was the Tom Thumb Diner
1916 W 4th Street
Sherwood Diner Other Sherwood Diners were located at:
• South Market Street
• DuPont Highway and Basin Road, previously, the Peter Pan Diner and later, Arner's
• U.S. 40 and DE 896
Shipley Grill, 1987-2001
Renamed to Anthony's (2000)
Shipley Street
Siéna Restaurant 1616 Delaware Avenue
Silvio's Spaghetti House 301 S Heald Street
Smugglers Inn 2020 Naamans Road Editing
Spic & Span Curb Service Restaurant 31st & Market Streets
Penny Hill
1207 Union Street
Spinning Wheels
Spruce Restaurant & Night Club 8th & Spruce Streets
Starting Gate Chestnut Run Shopping Center
Star Restaurant 707 Market Street
Starlight Room, Hotel Rodney
Stateline Restaurant
St. Regis Café Unit block E. 4th Street
Steve's Seafood Restaurant 1204 Centerville Road
Steve's 22nd & Market Streets
Stone Barn Smorgasbord Unionville, PA
Surrey Inn
Swiss Inn US Rt. 40, Elkton, MD
Tally-Ho Restaurant US Rt. 202 & Naamans Road
Tequilas 914 Orange Street
Terranova's 4th & Tatnall Streets Yes
Tiffin's 1200 block Market Street
Toddle House Delaware Avenue
Toddle House 41st & Market Streets
Tom Thumb Diner (1950's)
In the 1960's, it was the Sherwood Diner
1916 W 4th Street
Tower of London Fairfax Shopping Center
Town & Country Diner Rt 13, Tybout's Corner, New Castle
Town House 913 Shipley Street Yes
Town Talk Restaurant 11th & West Streets Yes
Towne Wharf Restaurant 835 Market Street Yes
Trevi Restaurant 3100 Naamans Road, The Shoppes of Naamans Yes
Twentieth Century Grill 4th & Market Streets
Up the Creek E 7th Street Editing
Vans Holland House Delaware Avenue & West Street Yes
Viking Diner Hares Corner
Later, it was moved to become part of the ChesDel Restaurant
Village Restaurant & Lounge Independence Mall
Vincente's Restaurant 2800 Lancaster Avenue Yes
Volcano Restaurant 1709 Delaware Avenue Yes
Wachter's, formerly the Old Tally-Ho Concord Pike & Naamans Road
Wagon Wheel Bar & Grill Front & French Streets
Walt Poirier's Restaurant 307-309 Delaware Avenue
Walton's Café Union& Conrad Streets
Washington Street Ale House Editing
Waterworks 16th & French Streets
Weaver's Steak House Rt 40, Elkton, MD
William Penn Diner
Willow Restaurant DuPont Highway
Wilmington Sportman's Club
Wing Wah Concord Pike
Winklers (Louis and Annie) Restaurant
Founded 1880 in the old stables and carriage house of the Shipley Mansion.
1419 French Street
Yetter's Restaurant Claymont
Zenbie's 30th & Governor Printz Boulevard Yes
Zim's Restaurant 625 King Street Yes
Zorba's Restaurant Yes
Zubers Restaurant 1330 King Street Yes

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